Jerusalem – One City, Three Faiths | Karen Armstrong

Jerusalem – One City, Three Faiths

Karen Armstrong

Jerusalem – One City, Three Faiths is fascinating and will leave you in awe. While living in contemporary cities, we could never imagine how it’s like in a city that has been there since the beginning of the times. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the three most dominating and interlinked religions of the world history. The book offers extensive historical insights about Ibrahim, Dawood, Suleman, Eesa and our own Prophet Muhammad. Here comes a clash when we read these authors. Armstrong has used many references from Torah and Bible but none from Qur’an. The description of these Holy Prophets is often disrespectful.

Jerusalem has always been a centre of world interest. Some due to its location, political importance and due to religious highlight. The city has seen the worst bloodshed. It has been totally destroyed and built again and again. The history is written in blood be it of Jews, Christians or Muslims. It continues till date.

Since Jerusalem is a mediaeval city the book talks about ancient history that can not be possibly verified. When the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH comes then you will feel a connection in real life. The author also discussed the miracle of Mi’raj. After his death, the rise of Muslims, then the victories including over Jerusalem. The building of Al-Aqsa Masjid etc. and later the interest of Muslims rulers in it. In all this one thing is heartbreaking that we have lost the track of historical holy places that associated with our Prophets. It happens after each destruction either by man or natural disasters like earthquakes. Now the new shrines or tombs replaced them.

I hope and pray that Allah blesses Jerusalem with peace so that one day we can also visit that place and feel the enchantic history it holds. I recommend this book.

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