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Janie Perrin Found Bludgeoned to Death in Bourke in 1990

It marks the passage of 26 years today since the lifeless body of Janie Perrin, a 73-year-old woman, was discovered brutally murdered within her abode in Bourke on the 3rd of November, 1990.

A substantial reward of $100,000 awaits those who provide information that leads to the identification, apprehension, and conviction of the culprits responsible for the tragic demise.

Janie Perrin had been subjected to both sexual assault and murder, the grim event unfolding sometime after 9 pm the preceding evening, as she strolled into her dwelling.

The slaying of this delicate old lady stands as an exceptionally grievous transgression.

An apprehensive neighbor reached out to the law enforcement authorities, expressing concern about the well-being of Mrs. Perrin, given her absence since the previous sighting.

Officers, peering through a window, bore witness to her lifeless form resting within her modest apartment.

A multitude of personal belongings belonging to Mrs. Perrin were also pilfered during the time of her passing.

Despite the extensive investigations carried out by the diligent police personnel, no individuals have been formally charged thus far.

These meticulous inquiries encompassed the interrogation of numerous individuals, and the pursuit of justice continues unabated.

The case underwent a comprehensive ‘cold case’ reevaluation, resulting in a twofold increase of the reward, all in the hopes of garnering sufficient evidence to facilitate a conviction.

An earnest plea is extended to anyone harboring the perpetrator due to a misguided sense of loyalty – it is now time to rectify this and convey your knowledge to the authorities.

Mrs. Perrin’s kinfolk persist in enduring the absence of closure, beseeching for your assistance in drawing a final curtain on this harrowing chapter in their lives.

This solace can only be achieved when the individual or individuals accountable for the demise of their matriarch are held accountable in a court of law.

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