Jack Ryan – An Engaging Action Pack Spy Thriller – Series Review

Series: Jack Ryan
Created by: Carlton Cuse, Graham Roland
Genre: Action, Spy Thriller
Cast: John Kraniski, Wendell Pierce, Michael Kelly, Betty Gabriel, Abbie Cornish
My Rating: 8/10


Jack Ryan is an action packed spy thriller. It is based on the fictional character of “Ryanverse” by Author Tom Clancy. Jack Ryan will keep entertaining you throughout the entire series and you want more.
Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland created Jack Ryan for Amazon Prime Video.
The first season follows the CIA analyst (Jack Ryan) played by John Kraniski. He wrenched from the security of his desk job into the field after discovering a string of dubious bank transfers. An extremist Suleiman, carried out the transaction.


The second season of the series shows Jack in the middle of political chaos in a Venezuela.
In the third season, he investigates a plot to re-create the former Soviet Union. The situation gets detonating by an untraceable nuclear bomb in a former Soviet Union country.
In the fourth season, Jack Ryan will face his most dangerous mission. It involves a foe operating both in the United States and further afield. The trouble begins after his investigation upon rumours of internal corruption. During this dilemma, he and his associates uncover evidence of an alliance between a drug mafia and a terrorist organization.


One of the standout features of the series is the casting, which is top-notch. The script, adapted from the book, is tightly written. Every single character in the series gives a flawless performance.
John Krasinski has become such an amazing actor as Jack Ryan. There are a few actors that have already portrayed this character. But I must say Krasinski as Jack Ryan is best so far.
This is definitely one of the best spy thriller series. The action set pieces and the seat edge moments were amazing.
This a smart, believable show that will keep you engaging in every episode. If you’re looking for a fabulous spy thriller that keep you hooked and to satiate as quickly as possible. You should give this a try. Jack Ryan never disappointes you.

Review By: Aqib Raza

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