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Kohrra – Engaging Plot But Poor Script and Direction – Series Review


Series: Kohrra
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Directed by: Randeep Jha
Cast: Barun Sobti, Suvinder Vicky
My rating: 6/10

The Story of Kohrra starts with a murder of a local guy coming from London to get married in Punjab. After the murder, his best friend went missing who is a NRI. Now the mystery starts. The search of the murderer by the cops begins for 6 long episodes. They have unwontedly show personal life of a cop which is mandatory now a days. Then they added personal story of another cop. Furthermore then they include other stories which has nothing to do with the murder. The series based on a murder mystery is so slow and unnecessarily long.
Kohrra has way too many weak points. The stories run time and again. Only because of that very reason, it couldn’t do justice to the main story. Everything feels like imposed upon us. They try to go into backstories of its characters but never provides any logical reasoning to us with convincing explanation.


Dull writing of Kohrra prevails throughout the series. It clearly indicates the half heartedness of efforts by director and writer.
The screenplay somehow captures attention with its twists and turns. But as the series progresses, the plot becomes predictable. It diminishes the element of surprise. The finale is disappointing, failing to deliver a satisfying conclusion.

Good performance by Suvinder Vicky. He was the only one who carried entire series on his shoulders with his brilliant acting,. On the other hand, Barun Sobti is a good actor but in this series he disappointed us. His acting did not leave a any lasting impression on the viewers.

Just because of its shortcomings, Kohrra may not be a good watch.

Review by: Aqib Raza

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