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Heartbreaking Cold Case

Chasity Candice, known affectionately as “Candis” Kyser, and David Allen Keller were tragically discovered deceased at their abode, nestled within the serene confines of Branching Pines Mobile Home Park, situated along the expanse of 911 Highway 165 in Ft. Mitchell, Alabama, on the 8th day of May in the year 1999.

This particular May commemorates the passage of 19 years since the untimely demise of this beloved young couple, whose lives were cruelly snuffed out in a most heartless manner. A mere two days prior to her unfortunate demise, Candis had celebrated her 19th birthday.

David, on the cusp of his 20th year, was denied the opportunity to realize this milestone. Tragically, this sorrowful event unfolded a mere couple of weeks before his own demise. In life, they stood as devoted, youthful parents. David, an industrious young man, toiled diligently as he aspired to ascend the ranks of plumbing. Candis, a paragon of maternal care and domestic prowess, had embarked upon the journey of attaining her G.E.D.

In the aftermath of their passing, they left behind a toddler of merely two and a half years, who, regrettably, was present within the confines of their residence at Branching Pines Trailer Park in Ft. Mitchell, AL, during the grim moment of their departure. For nearly sixteen harrowing hours, the child endured a state of solitude as her parents lay lifeless upon the floor. The enormity of the ordeal this innocent cherub had to endure until her grandmother hastened to her rescue through a window is beyond comprehension. Candis’s mother was fraught with anxiety as the appointed hour for their presence came and went without sign or sound.

Upon arriving at their abode and being met with silence, her concern deepened, prompting her to peer through the panes of glass. It was then that her gaze alighted upon the sight of the young child standing within. With determination, she traversed the window’s threshold, only to be met with the grisly reality of Candis and David’s tragic fate.

We beseech for your assistance in the pursuit of justice for their untimely demise. The kin of Candice and Keller yearns for solace and the closure that remains elusive. It is with a plea that we implore those who may hold memories or information to come forth.

Consider, if you will, the sobering thought of this tragedy befalling your own flesh and blood. We implore you to aid the aggrieved family by disseminating their narrative and the vital details surrounding it. Should recollections emerge, we beseech you to promptly contact your local law enforcement. In a gesture of resolve, the Governor of the esteemed State of Alabama has extended a reward amounting to $5,000, earmarked for those who provide data that leads to the apprehension and formal charges of the individual or individuals proven culpable. Notably, Candis Kyser’s uncle has committed to matching the Governor’s bounty, thus culminating in a substantial reward totaling $10,000.

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