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Kelsie Schelling had been slated to rendezvous with her beau merely a day after the revelation of her pregnancy, spanning eight weeks. However, her presence has been shrouded in mystery since that time, leaving her kin in anticipation of any semblance of clues.

A duo of days preceding her enigmatic vanishing, Schelling’s paramour, Don Lucas, dispatched a string of melancholic text messages beseeching her to journey to Pueblo, Colorado, a two-hour drive from her domicile. These messages yearned for her arrival, as they contemplated a rendezvous, scheduled for the ensuing day.

On the morn of February 4th, a prenatal encounter corroborated Ms. Schelling’s gravid state. One of the last communications her acquaintances received from the twenty-one-year-old was an image of her unborn child through a sonogram.

In the later hours of that night, Ms. Schelling embarked on a voyage to Walmart in Pueblo to reunite with Mr. Lucas. According to a transcript of her messages, she arrived at the Walmart parking facility shortly after the hour of 11 pm.

An hour’s passage witnessed the conspicuous absence of Mr. Lucas, prompting Ms. Schelling to dispatch a message conveying her fatigue from waiting.

Astonishingly, not long thereafter, Mr. Lucas reached out to propose an alternative tryst within the vicinity. A brief interval ensued, and Ms. Schelling contacted Mr. Lucas anew, inquiring, “Where art thou? I’ve lingered within your abode for over an hour, in expectant anticipation.”

This marked the final contact made by her.

However, what transpired thereafter has led the Schelling family to demand elucidation from law enforcement, as allegations emerged of mishandled investigations.

On the day succeeding her mysterious disappearance, CCTV footage revealed Mr. Lucas at the wheel of Ms. Schelling’s obsidian 2011 Chevrolet Cruze.

In subsequent events, Mr. Lucas steered the automobile to a financial institution, where he executed a withdrawal of $400 employing Ms. Schelling’s ATM card.

As the sun neared its zenith that same day, CCTV recordings unveiled Mr. Lucas parking the aforementioned vehicle at a Walmart parking area. Authorities instructed Mr. Lucas to exit the driver’s seat, the second camera lens capturing his retreat.

Emerging into the subsequent day, the 6th of February, a cloaked stranger, garbed in a charcoal-hued hoodie, appeared within the exact footage, entering Ms. Schelling’s conveyance and absconding with it.

By the 7th of February, the automobile had been forsaken at St. Mary Crown Hospital in Pueblo. A spokesperson from the hospital verified surveillance records, depicting the unidentified figure surrendering the vehicle. Law enforcement eventually reclaimed the automobile a week later.

Subsequently, on the 11th of February, the Schelling family initiated a Facebook page christened “Help Find Kelsie,” in the hope of a breakthrough that would augment the prospects of resolution.

Formal charges were brought against Lucas on the 15th of February, entailing three counts of identity theft and petty larceny under $500. However, these charges were subsequently dismissed.

Although Mr. Lucas remains a person of interest, formal accusations against him have yet to be levied.

The enigma persists.

Upon Kelsie Schelling’s inexplicable cessation of communication on the 5th of February, 2013, her family and confidantes were cast into a state of perplexity, pondering her whereabouts.

“Endeavors to establish contact proved futile,” disclosed Savannah Heggie, Schelling’s superior at the establishment where she was employed in the realm of domestic accouterments. Heggie’s remarks were provided during an interview with ABC News’ “20/20.”

Douglas Schelling, the father of the vanished young woman, also labored arduously in his attempt to reconnect with his daughter, who was then residing in Denver.

“None of our calls received any response, a most atypical occurrence,” recounted Douglas Schelling in dialogue with “20/20.”

Kelsie Schelling was a spirited young woman, renowned for her penchant for amusement and laughter. Those acquainted with her, including family members, associates, and her canine companion named Karmi, attest to her affable nature.

According to law enforcement, it was on the 4th of February, 2013, that Schelling embarked on a journey to Pueblo, Colorado, to rendezvous with her paramour, Don Lucas. At that juncture, Schelling was in the early stages of pregnancy, having completed eight weeks.

“The entire nation was gripped by a collective turmoil. Numerous acquaintances reached out to us, conveying their inability to establish contact with Kelsie. It was at this point that apprehension truly set in,” revealed Laura Saxton, Schelling’s mother, during an interview with “20/20.”

Presently, over three years have elapsed, yet both family and associates continue their quest for answers surrounding the enigma of Schelling’s fate.

Publicly, her mother has censured the Pueblo Police Department, contending that their investigation has been riddled with mishandlings, leaving her family to bear the burden.

“It astonishes me. I find it rather incredulous that I, of all people, am compelled to engage in such an arduous struggle and confrontations to the extent I have,” Saxton declared.

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