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Breads and Flat Breads – Explore the Delicacies of the World

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Breads and Flatbreads

An analysis of Fehmeeda Farid Khan on Breads and Flatbreads

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Breads and Flatbreads

Breads and flat breads are popular around the world. A variety of breads reflect a vast range of flavours, textures and cultural influences of different cuisines from various countries. The following breads and flat breads show diversity and creativity in the context of global traditions.

⁰¹ArepaVenezuela/ColumbiaArepa is a thick, round, and unleaven corn bread. Native Venezuelan/Colombian usually grill or bake it.
⁰²BaguetteFranceBaguette is a long, thin loaf of bread with a crispy crust and a soft interior.
⁰³Bambara Groundnut BreadWest AfricaBambara groundnut bread is a staple in some West African cuisines.
⁰⁴BammyJamaicaBammy is a cassava flat bread, serve with fish dishes.
⁰⁵Banh ChungVietnamBanh Chung is a sticky rice cake with wrapping of banana leaves. Vietnamese typically eat it during the Lunar New Year.
⁰⁶Banh MiVietnamBanh Mi is a light and crispy bread. This is an inspiration from the French Baguette. Vietnamese usually make Banh Mi sandwiches from it.
⁰⁷BazlamaTurkeyBazlama is a soft, round flat bread. Turks serve it with a variety of dips or as a side dish.
⁰⁸BingChinaBing is a flat bread. Chinese serve it in various styles with savoury or sweet toppings.
⁰⁹BolilloMexicoBolillo is an inspiration from French rolls, use for tortas (sandwiches).
¹⁰BriocheFranceBrioche enriches with sugar, eggs and butter. French use it in pastries.
¹¹BublikRussiaBublik is a sweet, ring like bread roll with topping of sesame seeds.
¹²ChallahJewishChallah is a braid bread. Jewish eat it on Sabbath or other Jewish holidays.
¹³ChapatiIndia/PakistanChapati is an unleaven whole wheat flour flat bread. It is a staple in Indian cuisines.
¹⁴CiabattaItalyCiabatta is white bread, famous for its porous crumb and chewy texture.
¹⁵DamperAustraliaDamper is an Australian soda bread. Traditionally it is baked over a campfire.
¹⁶DosaIndiaDosa is a popular South Indian dish. It’s a thin, crispy pancake. The batter consists of fermented rice and urad daal.
¹⁷FocacciaItalyFocaccia is a flat oven bake bread with topping of olive oil and herbs. This is similar to pizza dough.
¹⁸Folar de ChavesPortugalFolar de Chaves is a sweet cinnamon bread. It is traditionally associated with Easter.
¹⁹FougasseFranceFougasse is a decorative leaf like or resembles an ear. Sometimes it’s filled with olives or herbs.
²⁰Fry BreadNative AmericaFry Bread is a flat bread. Native Americans serve it with savoury or sweet toppings.
²¹HarchaMoroccoHarcha is flat bread. It’s made up of semolina on a griddle. Moroccans serve it with butter or honey.
²²HortaGreeceHorta is a traditional flat bread. Greek serve it with olive oil and herbs.
²³InjeraEthiopia/EritreaInjera is a staple of Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisines. It’s a spongy sour dough flat bread.
²⁴KaakLebanonKaak is a ring-like bread with topping of sesame seeds. Lebanese serve it as a snack. This is available in Pakistan as well.
²⁵KalacsHungaryKalacs is a sweet, braid bread. Hungarians traditionally enjoy it during holidays and ritual celebrations.
²⁶KhachapuriGeorgiaKhachapuri is traditional Georgian boat-like bread. It is usually filled with cheese, eggs and other ingredients.
²⁷LahohSomaliaLahoh is spongy, pancake-like flat bread. Somalians typically serve it with stews or sauces.
²⁸LavashArmeniaArmenians eagerly eat lavash, serve as wraps or a side dish. It is a thin, unleaven flat bread originated from Middle Eastern cuisines.
²⁹LavashakIranLavashak is soft, pliable fruit leather extracted from lavash. Sometimes it’s filled with nuts or seeds.
³⁰LefseNorwayLefse is traditional Norwegian flat bread. They prepare it with potatoes, flour and milk.
³¹ManakishLebanonManakish is a flat bread with topping of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac. Lebanese serve this bread occasionally with cheese or meat.
³²MatzoJewishJews traditionally eat Mazto during Passover.
³³MsemenMoroccoMsemen is a square-shape multi layer flat bread. Moroccan serve it with honey or savoury fillings.
³⁴MufletaMoroccoMufleta is a thin, crepe like flat bread. Jews traditionally prepare it for the Passover holidays.
³⁵MurtabakMalaysiaMurtabak is folding flat bread stuffed with meat, eggs and spices.
³⁶NaanIndia/PakistanNaan is a leaven, oven baked flat bread. In India and Pakistan, it is served with curry or kebabs.
³⁷Obi NonUzbekistanObi Non is a round flat bread with intricately carved patterns. This is a staple in Uzbek cuisines.
³⁸Pan de MuertoMexicoPan de Muerto is a sweet traditional bread. Mexicans make it for the “Day of the Dead” celebrations. They often decorate it with bone shape dough.
³⁹PandoroItalyPandoro is a sweet, golden yellow bread with topping of sugar powder. Italians eat it traditionally during Christmas.
⁴⁰ParathaIndia/PakistanParatha is a flat bread with layers of whole wheat flour. Sometimes the dough is stuffed with potatoes, reddish, cauliflower etc.
⁴¹Peshawari NaanPakistanIt is a type of naan (bread) from Peshawar, usually filled with nuts, coconut and raisins.
⁴²PiadinaItalyPiadina is a thin Italian flat bread, stuffed with cheese, greens or cured meats.
⁴³Pita BreadMiddle EastPita is a soft, slightly leaven bread, puffs up while baking. Middle Eastern people use this frequently for sandwiches or as a snack dip. This is actually a round pocket bread frequently use to scoop up or wrap around fillings.
⁴⁴PumpernickelGermanyPumpernickel is dense, dark rye bread with a distinct taste.
⁴⁵PupusaEl SalvadorPupusa is a thick corn flat bread, filled with cheese, beans or meat.
⁴⁶RyeNordic CountriesRye flour bread is a thick and hearty.
⁴⁷SchiacciataItalySchiaccia is a Tuscan flat bread, mixing of olive oil and salt.
⁴⁸SimitTurkeySimit is a circular bread with sesame topping. Turks serve ith as a snack with tea.
⁴⁹Soda BreadIrelandSoda bread is quickly prepared with baking soda which makes its texture slightly thicker.
⁵⁰Sour DoughVarious CulturesSour Dough is tangy ferment bread, made with naturally occurring wild yeast.
⁵¹TigelleItalyTigelle is a round flat breads, traditionally bake on a stone or in cast-iron pan.
⁵²Tigernut BreadWest AfricaTigernut flat bread is popular in some West African countries.
⁵³TortillaMexicoMexicans frequently use Tortilla. It is a thin, unleaven flat bread made from corn or wheat flour.
⁵⁴Yam Flour BreadWest AfricaYam flour is flat bread is common in West African cuisines.
⁵⁵YufkaTurkeyYufka is a thin flat bread. It is similar to Lavash and often a part of Turkish cuisines.
⁵⁶ZopfSwitzerlandSwiss serve Zopf traditionally on Sundays or on special occasions.
⁵⁷ZwiebackGermanyZwiebake is a crisp and twice baked bread. German give it to teething babies or enjoy with coffee.
Breads and Flatbread

Fehmeeda Farid Khan chose some delicacies from around the world to showcase the amazing bread and flat bread variety.

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