Berlin (Review) – A Very Annoying and Exaggerating Series

“Berlin”, created by Alex Pina and Esther Martinez for Netflix, which is a spin-off of famous Spanish Series “Money Heist”, based on the Character Berlin’s life and his past heists.

The premier of Berlin was on 29th December on Netflix. It has eight episodes. I have a lot of expectations from this series but it was a sheer disappointment.


You love the character of “Berlin” in the Money Heist but you will probably start hating it in this series. It seems the budget for promotion is bigger than the actual investment to the series.

“Berlin” disappoints with a lacklustre plot, undeveloped characters and subpar execution. They don’t focus on the potential hint at in the premise. The narrative flaws in this series are glaring, a far cry from the intricate plot of Money Heist. The emotional breakdowns and nonsensical decisions undermine any semblance of a coherent storyline. Despite emphasising the importance of the mission, they engage in absurd actions like putting on a stolen necklace during a joy ride, only to lose it later. The inconsistency in prioritising the mission is baffling.


The main character of Berlin adds another layer of absurdity. Instead of focusing on the heist, he becomes entangled in a love affair. This distraction could have been postponed until the mission. The lack of logic in his actions raises questions about the overall writing quality. The seriousness of the mission is overshadowed by characters pursuing personal interests amidst of the heist.

In essence, lack of logi marred the coherence of the series, making it a prime example of how Part II fails to live up to the standards set by its predecessor.

Overall Berlin is very disappointing. The writing style, the narratives, the script and overall series all are terrible. There was no character development, they are boring. There is no chemistry between the characters. I was hoping for the smart writing and excitement for the sequel of Money Heist, but it was nothing close.

Don’t waste your time on watching Berlin.

My Rating: 2/5
Review by Aqib Raza

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