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A toddler was murdered after potty training punishment

James “JJ” Sieger Jr. was in the process of acquiring toilet training skills when an inadvertent incident occurred, resulting in an unfortunate soiling of his diaper. This predicament invoked a sense of vexation within his mother, Jasmine Bridgeman, compelling her to engage in the act of anointing the visage of the young lad with his unintentional excretion.

Jasmine’s paramour, Joshua Schoenenberger, entered the chamber and proceeded to lift the boy by his abdominal region, his countenance marked by a display of emotive tears, while simultaneously applying pressure to his stomach. The young lad himself was not immune to an involuntary loss of bodily control. Subsequently, Joshua relinquished his grip, allowing the boy to plummet from a considerable elevation of six feet, onto the tiled expanse of the washroom floor. This was followed by a rather unconventional action wherein he positioned his weight upon the abdomen of their progeny, ostensibly as a method of addressing domestic matters.

Without delay, JJ was conveyed to a medical facility in an unconscious state, attended by both Jasmine and Joshua, who were promptly apprehended. The medical assessment revealed internal hemorrhaging and abrasions adorning the lad’s groin, arms, and legs. As the callous couple was escorted to confinement, the biological father of the young JJ, James Sieger Snr, promptly abandoned all other concerns to be at his son’s bedside. He articulated that the fateful day in question constituted “an egregious and profoundly distressing episode” in his life.

The Sieger family contends that Bridgeman, who remains the lawful spouse of James Sieger Snr, absconded with JJ approximately four months prior to the tragic demise. Their assertion maintains that the pursuit of reclaiming custody was fraught with challenges, culminating in a recent success. “We relocated to the Intensive Care Unit, where we were granted the privilege of holding JJ’s delicate hand. We stood vigil by his side, serenading him with ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ – a cherished melody of his. It was a poignant moment as James tenderly clasped his son’s graceful hand. I, in turn, placed my hand upon JJ’s heart, and we were present as he drew his final breath, the cadence of his heartbeat fading as he embarked on a celestial journey to reunite with his Divine Creator,” recounted Nicole Sieger, JJ’s aunt.

Joshua was sentenced to spend life in jail without parole.

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