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A Russian Man Anatoly Moskvin Lived With Mummified Girls

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Anatoly Moskvin

A Russian Man Anatoly Moskvin Lived With Mummified Girls

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Anatoly Moskvin, a historian of profound erudition, was uncovered to have preserved multiple young girls’ bodies in a mummified state, all discreetly arranged within his bedroom in the familial abode.

Fueled by an ardent passion for history, Moskvin possessed fluency in thirteen languages, embarked upon frequent journeys, lectured at the academic level, and pursued the vocation of a journalist in Nizhny Novgorod, a city nestled within Russia.

Furthermore, Moskvin harbored a distinct fascination for cemeteries and, intriguingly, labeled himself as a “necropolyst,” a term endorsed by an associate as “invaluable” for describing his endeavors. Alas, Moskvin’s expertise took a sinister and chilling turn.

Terrifyingly, Anatoly Moskvin’s parents believed his collection to comprise of vintage dolls, only to discover that they were, in fact, the preserved bodies of young girls.

In the year 2011, the historian met with arrest subsequent to the revelation of twenty-nine mummified bodies of girls aged between three and twenty-five, uncovered within his domicile.

An Eerie Rite.

In his local domain of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Moskvin reigned as the ultimate authority on cemeteries. He attributed his morbid preoccupation to a pivotal incident from 1979 when he was merely thirteen. This story was recounted within the pages of “Necrologies,” a weekly publication dedicated to matters of burial grounds and obituaries. It was within these pages that he illuminated the genesis of his preoccupation with the departed.

Within one of his compositions, Moskvin recounted the tale of encountering a group of somberly dressed men who intercepted him during his journey home from school. This group was en route to the funeral of an eleven-year-old named Natasha Petrova, coercing Moskvin to accompany them to her final resting place. There, he was compelled to bestow kisses upon the deceased girl’s form.

“I pressed my lips against her form, again and again,” Moskvin chronicled.

To add an even more unsettling layer, the girl’s grieving mother proceeded to place a wedding band on Anatoly’s finger, and another on her deceased daughter’s digit.

Nurturing a Chilling Obsession

Terrifyingly, Anatoly Moskvin’s parents believed his collection to comprise of vintage dolls, only to discover that they were, in fact, the preserved bodies of young girls.

Moskvin’s fixation with the incident of corpse-kissing persisted unabated. As a schoolboy, he embarked on pilgrimages through cemeteries, his footsteps echoing through a multitude of burial grounds. From the years 2005 to 2007, he claimed to have visited a staggering 752 cemeteries in Nizhny Novgorod.

Defilement of Sepulchers

In 2009, local denizens began to stumble upon the desecrated final resting places of their beloved, with graves sometimes entirely exhumed. It was during this time that the clandestine mission of Moskvin was unveiled.

The Uncanny Puppets

Residing alongside his parents in a modest apartment, Moskvin led a reportedly solitary existence, teetering on the brink of hoarding tendencies. Within the confines of this dwelling, authorities stumbled upon life-sized, doll-like figures strewn throughout.

Investigations uncovered the grim truth: during his cemetery excursions, Moskvin exhumed the deceased from their graves, transporting their lifeless forms back to his abode. Here, he embarked on the meticulous process of mummification, adorning the children in stockings, feminine attire, and knee-length boots to render them doll-like in appearance. Not content with this, he meticulously applied makeup and lipstick upon their visages.

In a macabre twist, music boxes were ingeniously inserted within their ribcages. Each of his unfortunate victims’ birthdays was commemorated within his personal chamber.

Upon his eventual apprehension, it came to light that Moskvin had retained one of these young girl’s remains for an astonishing nine years.

In the dark recesses of the cadavers’ bodies, investigators also discovered music boxes and toys, ingeniously placed to produce haunting melodies when touched.

During court proceedings, Moskvin chillingly admitted to his heinous crimes, addressing the distraught parents with these words:

“You relinquished your daughters, while I embraced them within my domicile, providing them solace.”

Astoundingly, Moskvin’s parents professed complete ignorance regarding the true nature of his “dolls.”

His mother recounted:

“We gazed upon these figurines, yet never fathomed the presence of lifeless bodies within. We believed it was a peculiar hobby, devoid of malevolence.”

Moskvin confessed to a total of forty-four instances of grave desecration and abuse of deceased remains.

In his defense, Moskvin disclosed to his interrogators that his actions were driven by a belief that science would someday resurrect the dead. In the interim, he employed a rudimentary mixture of salt and baking soda to preserve the girls’ forms.

Ultimately diagnosed with schizophrenia, Moskvin received a lifelong sentence within a psychiatric institution.

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