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A Father Accused of Killing 3 Young Sons

Chad Doerman, 32, has pleaded not guilty in connection with the shooting deaths of his three sons.

The father from Ohio, who stands accused of the murder of his three young sons, has been indicted by a grand jury, as reported by multiple news sources.

Chad Doerman, a 32-year-old individual, was indicted on Thursday for nine counts of aggravated murder, eight counts of kidnapping, and four counts of assault in connection with the tragic deaths of his sons on June 15. The Associated Press, Fox 19, and WCPO Cincinnati have provided this information. Doerman has pleaded not guilty.

According to reports from the Associated Press, it is alleged that he confessed to committing the act of shooting his sons—Clayton, aged 7, Hunter, aged 4, and Chase, aged 3—in an execution-style manner. Furthermore, it is reported that he chased down one of the children when he attempted to escape into the woods.

Per the Associated Press, Clermont County prosecutor David Gast stated, “He held a significant place in their lives, acting as their protector, yet he mercilessly took their lives in a cold-blooded manner.”

Following a report of a shooting at approximately 4:15 pm at a residence on Laurel Lindale Rd. in Monroe Township, officers arrived at the scene and discovered Doerman seated on the steps with a rifle nearby, as previously reported by Fox 19.

The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office received a distressing call from a woman who was heard screaming that her “babies had been shot,” as stated in a release.

Three minutes later, a driver in the vicinity called 911 to report that a young girl was running down the road, shouting that “her father was taking the lives of everyone,” according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Footage from a body camera, obtained by Fox 19, depicted the apprehension of Doerman, who was forced to the ground and subsequently handcuffed. When asked about the situation by a deputy, Doerman responded calmly, saying, “Nothing.”

Soon after, deputies discovered the lifeless bodies of three children who had been shot, lying in the yard. Authorities declared the boys dead at the scene.

The mother of the children, a 34-year-old woman who remains unidentified, sustained a gunshot wound to her hand while attempting to shield her boys from the gunfire. This information was conveyed by prosecutors during Doerman’s arraignment last week. The mother is currently recuperating in the hospital.

According to court documents obtained by Fox 19, it is alleged that Doerman planned the attack meticulously over several months.

In order to assist with funeral expenses, the boys’ aunt has created a GoFundMe page. As of June 23, donations exceeding $235,000 have been received.

The baseball coach of the 7-year-old boy, speaking to PEOPLE, previously described the three boys as an inseparable group who did everything together.

“They were always together,” said Dwayne Kuhn. “And at the ball fields, if we were playing a game, then everybody was there watching. The other two boys, his sister, mom, everybody was there watching him.”

Clayton, Hunter, and Chase were also remembered in their obituary for their passion for fishing, their inclination to play outdoors long past bedtime, and their infectious laughter that resonated ceaselessly.

“They loved without conditions, brightening the lives of those they encountered with their laughter and affection,” states the obituary.

Doerman is currently being held without bail at the Clermont County Jail. He is scheduled to appear in court on July 5, according to WCPO reports.

The public defender representing Doerman has not responded to previous requests for comment from PEOPLE.

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