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New AI Assistant Device - Invented by Imran Chaudhari
New AI Assistant Device

New AI Assistant Device – Invented by Imran Chaudhari

Imran Chaudhari shook the tech world with his new AI assistant device. He and his wife Bethany Bongiorno were both former Apple employees. Imran Chaudhari was a designer there and best known for the interface of Apple iPhone. He spent 20 years at Apple. Imran Chaudhari created numerous iPads, iPhones, and accessories. While Bethany was a software director at Apple. She was incharge of all iOS projects.

The duo founded Humane five years ago. Now they are going to release the first product of their company. Humane have developed a wearable AI assistant that will replace the mobile phone. It can perform all of the functions of a smartphone.


The “Humane AI pin” includes a camera, microphone and a projector as well. Users can give it a command by speaking. They can also utilise it to make calls and send messages. The device is powered by a Qualcomm chip. It will promptly translate calls, while its laser projector will show the imprint on the human hand. It will reveal time too. Furthermore, it will look after the health and tell about the food quality. For instance , whenever someone shows food, it will tell whether or not the meal is healthy.

Imran Chaudhri’s startup has raised $230 million so far, including a $100 million announced by Sam Altaman (OpenAI CEO) in March this year. His share in Humane is nearly 15%, same as Marc Benioff (Salesforce CEO). Other venturing partners include Microsoft, LG, Volvo and Qualcomm.

The introductory price of the AI Pin is $699, plus $24 monthly subscription fees. Within a few hours, Humane will begin accepting orders on November 16.

Do you think that it will threat Apple and Microsoft?

As Imran Chaudhari says, “Sadly, rivers dry out, and when they do, you look for a new one”.

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