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Nabeel Qureshi never disappoints me. Because I know what to expect. A social message delivered with humour and anxiety. Na Baligh Afraad is one such film. I enjoyed it immensely. Yes the topic was a bit off beat.

The story of Na Baligh Afraad is something you cannot say out loud yet its not vulgar. Two boys being bullied on multiple grounds. They decided to do something bold in order to understand their society better. The plan backfires and gets tangled up. Perfect dialogues. And wait till you hear what he has named the main characters. (Totally genius). I love the nineties era. I can so much relate to it.

  • Polka ice cream
  • Bakra qiston on cassette
  • Reema on Akhbar-e-Jahan’s cover.
  • Watching TV in the living room clutching to the remote. Because agay peechay kuch vulgar aye na aye, Abu kay enter hotay hi gunda scene a jata tha. In


The scenes in cassette shops are totally nostalgic. But it lacked music and colour pallette. Just because it’s meant to be 30 years old, doesn’t mean it has to lack all the colours. We need songs in Na Baligh Afraad. Nabeel Qureshi how could you not give us songs. Just like silence is important to convert short term memory into long term memory. Songs are important to convert short term feelings into long term feeling. Lack of songs make the emotions forgettable.

Nabeel Qureshi is my most favourite director in current times. I will say that again and again. He understands all sort of emotions. He captured the anxiety of two awkward teenagers, the family pressure and the school environment superbly. However, it’s not clear if Ashir Wajahat is trying to be an awkward teenager or he has already become an awkward teenager. I missed the blunt mun phat boy of Karachi say Lahore. Samar is outclass in Na Baligh Afraad.

Na Baligh Afraad is a good film but watch with baaligh afraad only. Otherwise watch it at your own risk.

Review by Sania Umair

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