Poacher – Where Nature Meets Noir

Poacher is a slow burn crime drama series directed by Richie Mehta. He is the same director who directed the Emmy season 1 nomination of Delhi crime.

Based on true events, it is a big eye opener for humans who try to disturb nature. Director Richie Mehta takes you through the wildest journey of wildlife, with a strong story and convincing moral.


Poacher is a gripping series that delves deep into the heart of Kerala’s forests. It uncovers the challenges and triumphant conservation efforts. With stunning visuals and heart pounding suspense, each episode immersed viewers in the thrill of the hunt. It shed light on the importance of protecting our natural heritage. From the relentless pursuit of poachers to heart-warming rescues of endangered species. This series is a testament to the dedication and bravery of Kerala’s forest department.

This web series emphasizes the importance of harmony with nature. It is a tale of relentless efforts of individuals working to maintain ecosystem equilibrium. The story challenges viewers to reflect on their own role in the sharing responsibility of safeguarding our planet. The poignant line, “It is the fault of the elephants and other animals that they are sharing our mother earth with us humans,” lingers, provoking contemplation.


Poacher manages to touch all the right chords as it starts off slowly, then the plot establishes gradually. The cast includes Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and others. They all did a stellar job, picks up the pace and tempo before closing on a poignant note.

Poacher is not a typical thriller that we usually watch yet it hooks the audience from the very first episode.

You will definitely fall in love with wildlife and the forest after watching the series. Poacher is a must watch without any iota of doubt.

My Rating: 3.5/5
Review by Aqib Raza

کوفتہ مصالحہ بنانے کی مزے دار ترکیب

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