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Adhura – A Predictable but Engaging Horror Thriller – Series Review

Web Series: Adhura
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Directed by: Gauravv K. Chawla and Ananya Banerjee
Cast: Rasika Dugal, Ishwak Singh, Shreink Arora, Poojan Chhabra, Rahul Dev.
My Rating: 7.5/10
Adhura is a suspense, horror web series that speaks of strange incidents. It all happens in a prestigious boarding school (Nilgiri Valley School) after the arrival of a new student, Vendant. At the same time, when the Batch of 2007 arrive at the school for their reunion, a few students face retribution for a terrible incident that happened 15 years ago.

The theme pfor the show gives a great support to the storyline. You can predict the things but it still grips your attention to continue. The direction of horrifying scenes is quite amazing. They even focuses on the tiny things to capture the attention of viewers.
It’s less of a horror than a mystery thriller and suspense series. The story is well crafted. The selection of the cast was also good. The direction and background music is on point. There are a few flaws but they managed candidly. Some more horror or scary scenes can be added.
However, the series effectively creates an atmosphere of tension and unease. It draws you into a world where nothing comes as it seems. Each episode leaves you craving for more. You become eager to unravel the mysteries lurking beneath the surface.

Even though the story isn’t new, the eerie and acting by a relatively new star-cast, especially Ishwak Singh, Rasika Duggal and Shrenik Arora (the young kid who has played Vedant) shine in their roles. Lots of jumpy scare moments, great editing and direction will definitely keep you engrossed all throughout.

Nonetheless Indian content creators are doing a much better job as compared to their past endeavours. Despite some shortcomings, their content is getting good.

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