Neel Fairy Meadows – A Mystic Charm of Bedori Top

Neel Fairy Meadows

Neel Fairy Meadows

Azad Kashmir is often referred to as “heaven on Earth” due to its mild and pleasant weather, which sets it apart from the rest of the world. The valleys of Kashmir include Neelum, Jhelum, and Pearl valleys. These are all popular tourist attractions in the Kashmir. However, Neel Fairy is a less visited location.

Neel Fairy Meadows is a tourist destination located in the foothills of Bedori Top. It is easily accessible from Islamabad and Muzaffarabad via a metal road. Tourists can relax in this picturesque and panoramic scenery. The mystic charm of the valley enchants the tourists. This fertile land produces almost every type of fruit, crop, dry fruit, nuts and pure honey.

The name Neel Fairy comes from the water lily, or Neelofer, which grows abundantly around the lake. The flowers are cooked as a vegetable in this area. The lake is approximately 12,000 feet above sea level. It gets its water from rain. A plethora of flowers can be seen scattered across the lush green meadows.

Neel Fairy
Neel Fairy Lake/Credits: Hamza Naseer


Muzaffarabad is nearly 200 kilometres (124 miles) away from Haveli. It was a part of District Bagh before becoming the tenth District of Kashmir in July 2009.

Neel Fairy Meadows, which covers an area of 598 square kilometres (230.89 square miles), is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Haveli. The district is divided into three subdivisions: Haveli, Mumtazabad and Khurshidabad. The people are brave and hardworking. Expats from the Middle East and Europe make up a sizable portion of the population. Their remittances contribute to the economy’s growth.

Neel Fairy
Neel Fairy Meadows/Credits: Hamza Naseer

The Nullah (stream) Battar in Chanjel is home to a 4 MW hydroelectric power project. During the Mughal era, this area served as a safe route between Poonch and Srinagar.

How do tourists get there?

The journey from Rawalpindi to Rawalakot is 109 kilometres long and takes three hours. The 110-kilometer journey from Rawalakot to Haveli takes four hours. 

Two roads lead to Haveli. One is from Hajira in Abbaspur, and the other is from Lasdana in Bagh.

Neel Fairy
Neel Fairy Meadows/Credits: Hamza Naseer

The following are the two routes to Neel Fairy Meadows.

(i) Basan Sharif

It is 12 kilometres from Haveli and leads to North Hallan. This is a Jeep track that takes about an hour to complete. Then there’s an hour of hiking. It’s a difficult trek through the jungle.

(ii) Jabbi Syedan

This 25-kilometer-long jeep track begins in Suli which takes three hours and an hour. This track is completely risk-free. Tourists can easily reach Neel Fairy via this route.

From Lasdana, there are two ways to get to Haveli.

(i) Haji Peer Route

 This route is a little long but extremely beautiful.

(ii) Mahmood Gali Route

This is a carpeted 10-kilometer road from Lasdana.

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