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Top Cuisines Of Swat Valley, Pakistan

Top Cuisines of Swat

Top Cuisines of Pakistan Pakistani cuisines were influenced by Middle East and Central Asia in the beginning. However the cooking method and traditions are similar to North India, which dominate meaty items. The extreme diversity of Pakistani areas are differences in ethnic and cultural values from region to region. Top Punjabi and Sindhi cuisines are flavourful, but spicy. As we …

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Urban Heat Islands (UHIs) Menace In Big Cities

Urban Heat Islands

A large number of Karachiites died as a result of Urban Heat Islands (UHIs) which was a climatic heatwave in June 2015. The situation got severe due to lack of water, electricity load shedding and a scarcity of life-saving medicines. The public service departments blamed one another. In this time of crisis, both the government and the general public must …

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