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12th Fail – An Inspirational Journey You Need To Watch – Review

12th Fail

Movie Review

12th Fail

An Inspirational Journey You Need To Watch

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12th Fail is a remarkable film that captures the struggles and victory of an individual in a heart felt manner. Vidhu Vinod Chopra directed with the talent of Vikrant Massey in the lead role.
12th Fail unfolds on the screen as a biography that brings the real life story of IPS Officer Manoj Kumar Sharma.


12th Fail is a thought provoking film that delves into the challenges faced by individuals who haven’t succeeded academically. The story line skillfully navigates through themes of resilience, self discovery and social expectations. The characters portray well and the film strikes a balance between humour and poignant moments. While it occasionally feels predictable, the overall message about unique journey resonates effectively. 12th Fail is a success beyond academic achievements, making it a worthy of watch for those seeking inspiration and introspection.


The script intelligently weaves moments of humour, reflects intense drama by proving a nuanced portray of the impact of education system on young minds. The movie doesn’t merely criticise the system rather it also motivates viewers to question societal expectations and the definition of success.
Director Vidhu Vinod Chopra deserves applause for his exceptional story telling skills. He weaves a compelling narrative that strikes a chord with the audience, effective portray of the pressures and challenges faced due to the system.

Vikrant Massey’s performance in 12th Fail is nothing short of exceptional. He effortlessly brings depth and authenticity to his character, alluring the audience in the emotional journey with set backs. Massey’s nuanced capture the vulnerable, frustrated and eventual growth of his character with great finesse.


Priyanshu Chatterjee as the police officer and Anshumaan Pushkar as Gauri Bhaiya both deliver natural performances. Medha Shankar as Sharddha did a tremendous job as well. Every character in the film performed well to an overall new experience.

12th Fail is a must watch. It’s a seamless blend of humour, drama and thought-provoking message for the youth of today’s world.

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My Rating: 4/5

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