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The Crowded Room (Review) – Gripping Psychological Thriller

The Crowded Room

The Crowded Room is a 2023 Apple TV+ psychological thriller series. The starring includes Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum, Sasha Lane, Will Chase, and Lior Raz. It is based on the book The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes. It tells the true story of Billy Milligan.The Crowded room is a tough watch, it’s good, just tough. Off

This psychological thriller took place in Manhattan in 1979. It follows the arrest of a young man named Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland) after a shooting at the Rockefeller Center. A criminal Psychologist named Dr. Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried) starts to unfold Danny’s life through interviews. Those interviews start to show a very mysterious past that led Danny to be who he is. Danny himself starts to understand his own mental health problems. The events that led to the shooting.


This was a surprisingly good series. Great deal of drama and mystery and the pacing is perfect. New information is provided at the perfect time to keep the viewer engaged and build up more mystery and drama. And the pieces fit like a perfect puzzle. The character’s trauma is exposed step by step and it makes the viewer sympathise with a criminal, despite the crime.

This takes at least three or four of its ten episode run to sink into. Get a feel for what’s really going on and orient one’s self. It’s like a piece of elaborate psychological clockwork that begins all hopelessly scattered and bit by bit, piece by piece. It shifts into place until it achieves something next to profound. It’s a wonderful piece of work for understanding particularly about mental health issues. The impossibly horrific pain in somebody’s past that can lead to such devastating inner turmoil. With a little help from internal and external, life can be set back on track.


The Crowded Room is a complex and thought provoking series. It explores the nature of identity, memory and mental illness. This series dares to shed a spotlight on taboos such as sexual abuse, and mental illness.

I’llAmanda Seyfried,Emma Rossum, and Tom Holland are absolutely amazing in this series. Tom Holland is absolutely fantastic in it. He gives an outstanding performance that I hope he wins awards for because he truly deserves it. Amanda is unbelievably performe superb as psychiatrist. Her acting throughout tugged at my heart strings just as much.


Overall, The Crowded Room is a well-made series. It will surely to stay with you long after you finish watching it. If you are looking for a psychological thriller that is both entertaining and educational, I highly recommend checking it out.

Aqib Raza‘s Rating: 4/5
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The Crowded Room

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