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Love & Death – A Slow Burning Study of Love and Madness

Love & Death
Genre: Biography, Crime
No of Episodes: 07
My Rating: 7.5/10
Review by: Aqib Raza

Love & Death, the riveting TV show based on true story of “1980 Axe Murder Case” of Betty Gore. The performance of Elizabeth Olsen drives the story of Love & Death to new dimensions.

The story revolves around a small town in Texas in the 1980s. A murder, sex and a salacious trial upended the town. It caught the attention of the whole nation.
Love & Death covers the terrible crime committed by Candy Montgomery. He killed Betty Gore in a physical altercation that got out of hand. This was the result of a love affair between Candy and Allan, the husband of Betty.

This is a second adaptation of the incident (following Hulu’s Candy, starring Jessica Biel). Love & Death seems a bit overstretched with 7 episodes. There are a lot of unnecessary scenes that could be cut out in order to pick up the speed. 5 episodes would have been enough to cover the whole story which took place on that fateful Friday.

Irrespective of the fact whether the storytelling was apt or we can sympathise with the culprit for the heinous act she did, Love & Death is still an intriguing exposure of a human psyche. It portrayed in a docu-series style with an amazing performance by Elizabeth Olsen. She played the role of Candy. She deserves immense praise for her outstanding performance. Her nuanced acting and expressive facial expressions added a remarkable depth to every scene.

Tom Pelphrey is magnetic as the small town civil lawyer. He undertakes representation in this shocking case.

The start is slow. It took about 3 episodes for getting the things really going. If you like to watch real crime drama then Love & Death is a worth watching.

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