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Who Killed Adam Richard Johnson?

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Adam Richard Johnson

Who killed Adam Richard Johnson?

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The word “PERV” was etched into a frozen head that was discovered on a park bench in Minneapolis. Who murdered Adam Johnson and left this unsettling message for the city?

Body pieces were discovered on June 17, 2021, scattered over a Northeast Minneapolis neighbourhood. Locals discovered trash bags containing various pieces of a man’s body. More ominously, a leg was discovered outside the Ukrainian American Community Centre on Main St. NE, sliced into parts and obviously on show. It was purposeful and evocative, like something from Bones or Criminal Minds.

But five days later, a sight much more horrifying was found. On the morning of June 22, between 6:15 and 6:45 a.m., a head was put on a park bench along a paved trail next to the Mississippi River, near Franklin Avenue and West River Road. At 6:15 a.m., a guy passed the bench and noticed nothing there; however, at 6:45 a.m., a jogger discovered the head and immediately notified authorities.

In addition to confirming that it belonged to Johnson, police informed his family that “PERV”—likely a shorthand for “pervert”—was etched into his forehead. Additionally postmortem frozen, the skull was only just starting to thaw when it was found. The low temperature on June 21 was only 59°F (15°C), which meant that it was frozen offsite before being placed on the bench despite Minnesota’s extremely frigid winters.

More of his remains were discovered in the Mississippi River in late July, just over a month after they were first discovered. This was the fourth different place where his remains were discovered. His body parts are still missing, as far as I could gather from the internet.

When Adam Johnson was sober, he was a devoted and caring parent. He battled addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as mental disorders. Days before his death, he made an attempt to check himself into a hospital for suicidal thoughts (I couldn’t discover a reason why he was turned away, but I’d assume it had something to do with hospital overpopulation). He lacked a stable employment or home address. The mother of his child and a few other ex-partners have publicly defended him. According to relatives and acquaintances, he had no known adversaries. Adam was drug-free when he was discovered, according to his toxicology findings.

By October, the FBI had intervened to support the Minneapolis Police Department in its efforts to bring Adam and his family members to justice. However, the story ends there.
According to the news, the only thing we are certain of is that Adam fought to stay sober, had two children, was very mentally ill, and that his body was discovered in pieces all over the city.

There are rumours of cartel activity and gang involvement, but these are simply rumours. However, JoJo, Adam’s ex-girlfriend, is convinced that this has nothing to do with drugs or drug debts. Another rumour claims that a number of witnesses to the murder are reluctant to tell authorities for fear of reprisals.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to quote her Twitter because she is a regular, unrelated person, but if I am, I’ll modify and link to her. A former journalist has been trying to follow this case on Twitter. She claims that the Minneapolis Police failed to inform Adam’s mother of her son’s passing. She found out about it through the news. In spite of the fact that the case he mentioned as evidence for his assertion that he was too busy wasn’t a homicide but rather a non-fatal unintentional gunshot, the detective in charge of the case in the homicide division informed her at one point in May that he doesn’t have the time to handle the case. The family has received notification from MPD.The public is not at risk, according to law authorities, but they haven’t explained why. Given that this appears to be so well targeted and that it has been more than a year following Adam’s passing, I assume that they have come to that conclusion. However, the reality is that someone who is capable of doing this heinous atrocity is currently at large in Minneapolis.

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