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Unsolved Mystery of Sarah Burton

On Friday, the authorities confirmed that Sarah Burton had been spotted at a residence on the northwest side of Joplin, later on the same night that her friend had left her at the intersection of 10th Street and Rex Avenue.

Captain Trevor Duncan revealed that the investigation still maintains the belief that the 28-year-old woman was dropped off at 10th and Rex by a friend shortly after midnight on July 16. However, it is now understood that this was not the last sighting of her.

“Our investigation has uncovered evidence that she was seen later that same morning at a residence in the northwest part of Joplin,” Duncan disclosed. “Unfortunately, that’s all I can reveal at this moment.”

He mentioned that the newly confirmed sighting on the northwest side occurred shortly after she had been left on the east side of the city. Further specifics regarding the time or exact location of the sighting cannot be disclosed to protect the ongoing investigation.

Duncan also chose not to divulge any information about what Burton might have been doing on the northwest side of Joplin during the early morning hours of July 16. He did confirm, however, that the female friend who dropped her off on the east side has been fully cooperative with the police. Details about how Burton managed to get from one side of town to the other remain undisclosed.

“We are aware of individuals who had contact with her after 10th and Rex but have not come forward yet. Their cooperation could significantly aid our investigation,” Duncan stated.

Some of the individuals perceived by the police as reluctant to share information are among those already interviewed by investigators, while others are yet to be located.

Despite the circumstances, investigators remain optimistic about the possibility of finding Burton alive. They have pursued leads in Oklahoma, Kansas, as well as Newton and Jasper counties in Missouri.

Duncan confirmed that no field searches or searches of bodies of water have been conducted thus far in relation to the missing-person case.

As of Friday, there has been no comment from Burton’s parents regarding the new information released by the police. Approximately 120 people participated in a candlelight vigil for the missing mother of two young boys in Mercy Park on Monday night.

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