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Unsolved Homicide – Majura, Canberra, Australia

Unsolved Homicide – Majura, Canberra ACT, Australia.

Keren Rowland

On the night of 26 February 1971, Keren Rowland drove to Civic, ACT after attending the Canberra Royal Show had to pick up her sister so the two could travel together to attend a party in the suburb of Deakin, ACT. Once Keren arrived in Civic her sister informed her of a change in plans, that she’d be driving to the party with her fiancé instead and Keren would follow them in her vehicle a white Mini Morris 850 sedan. The group left Civic together with Keren following her sister and her fiancé, however, Keren would never make it to the party in Deakin and would be reported missing by her family around 12am by family members.

After being reported missing her Mini Morris was found on Parkes Way, Campbell with no petrol in the tank and no sign of Keren, this kicked off a three-month-long search and a lifetime of sorrow for the Rowland family.

Memorial nearly three months later on 13 May 1971, a bushwalker discovered Kerens remains at the Air Disaster Memorial – the fact that Keren wasn’t found earlier shocked original detectives as this was a high-traffic area with bushwalkers. Keren’s clothing, watch, and handbag containing money and jewellery were found around her remains. However, a gold or silver bracelet inscribed with the name “Lynette” was never located. Keren had brought the bracelet for a friend earlier that night while she was attending the Canberra Show and wore it the night she went missing.

Forensic teams had consulted historical maps and believed they could locate the area Keren’s remains were found, despite changes in the area over the decades. As recently as December 2020 the area Keren was found has been searched by the police in hopes that new equipment that wasn’t available at the time of Keren’s death may assist in finding more evidence. Detectives believe that the unique “Lynette” bracelet may have been kept by her killer or killers.

Thirty people of interest have been identified in the disappearance and death of Keren, ACT Police confirmed in a statement written to 9news.com.au. Among the people interest is the owner of a dark blue car that witnesses reported Keren getting into on Parkes Way the night she disappeared and the infamous Australian serial killer, Ivan Milat. Detective Boorman said police have “no information to include or exclude Ivan Milat’s involvement in Keren’s murder” and “To date, no link has been found”, however, they are still examining the possibility of Milat’s involvement.

Keren Rowland has been described as very trusting, and friendly with a cheeky personality. She was five months pregnant at the time of her murder with shoulder-length hair and wearing a knee-length patterned dress.

It has been 51 years since Keren Rowland and her unborn child were murdered and her family has yet to find justice.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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