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The Tragic Hazing Incident that Changed the Life of Danny Santulli

On the 20th of October, 2021, Danny Santulli, a scholar at the University of Missouri, found himself hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning during a purported hazing incident at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, known colloquially as Fiji. In response to this unfortunate occurrence, the chapter of the fraternity at the Missouri University was compelled to cease its operations.

Context Both Danny and his sibling, nurtured in the outskirts of Minneapolis, were students at the University of Missouri. While Danny was a novice engaged in the recruitment procedures of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, often referred to as Fiji.

He had recently been admitted to a medical facility after a senior member instructed him to enter a refuse bin brimming with shattered glass. His academic achievements were subpar, and he was grappling with sleep-related difficulties as well.

Pre-Incident Portrait of Danny Santulli Santulli had also confided in his sister about the overwhelming stress he was grappling with, resulting in emotional outbursts. His parents had also endeavored to dissuade him from persisting with his commitment to the fraternity.

Despite the formidable circumstances, Santulli remained steadfast, as he was determined not to be subjected to derision and scorn.

Danny was one amongst the newly enrolled pledges, led blindfolded and stripped of his shirt, into the depths of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity residence, precisely two days following his conversation with his sister. This transpired during the Pledge Father Reveal Night, designated for the assignment of mentors, known as pledge fathers, from the senior membership to the new initiates.

Allegedly, the pledges were provided with bottles of potent spirits and instructed to partake in their consumption. Footage from surveillance cameras captured the event, potentially assisting in determining whether any legal transgressions were committed in Danny’s case.

Location of the Incident The visual record portrays Danny amidst a crowded chamber, where a stream of beer flows through a funnel connected to a conduit leading to his mouth. After imbibing the beer via the funnel, Danny loses his equilibrium and tumbles to the ground, evidently inebriated.

The Life-Altering Incident for Danny Santulli The event unfolded on the 19th of October, 2021, approximately at 11:00 p.m., and was immortalized through video documentation, depicting Santulli’s destabilization and subsequent backward fall.

Following this, fraternity members promptly lifted him and transported him to an adjacent chamber, where he was seated on a couch. His ‘fraternity fathers’ compelled him to consume beer through a conduit and directed him to drain an entire bottle of vodka.

Danny succumbs to intoxication after excessive alcohol consumption Around 12:42 a.m., Santulli commenced slipping off the couch, displaying signs of unresponsiveness. Subsequently, his fraternity peers conveyed him to the nearby University Hospital.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, medical practitioners ascertained that he was undergoing cardiac arrest and struggling to breathe. Moreover, his blood-alcohol concentration was alarmingly elevated, registering at .486, a staggering six times beyond the legal threshold.

Following a six-week hospitalization, Santulli was transferred to a rehabilitation facility in Colorado. His family, residing in Minnesota, was joyfully reunited with him after seven months.

Current Whereabouts of Danny Currently, Danny resides alongside his family in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Regrettably, he has suffered brain impairment, rendering him incapable of ambulation, speech, or sight. Nonetheless, his auditory faculties remain intact.

Danny in the company of his sister at home On the occasion of Santulli’s 19th birthday, which transpired on the 27th of January, 2022, his parents instituted a civil lawsuit against Phi Gamma Delta, its board of advisors at MU chapter, student leaders, and other fraternity associates. According to the family’s attorney, a specialist in hazing litigation, Santulli’s injuries represented the most severe instance he had encountered throughout his three decades of professional practice.

It was reported on the 10th of May, 2022, that settlements had been reached between the family and the initial 23 defendants mentioned in the legal proceedings.

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