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The Disappearance of Lisa Marie

In the waning hours of Thursday, October 30, 1980, Lisa Marie Mott, a mere twelve years of age, departed her abode at the stroke of 6:45 p.m. A rendezvous with the basketball courts that graced the expanse of Throssell Street in Collie beckoned to her. A youthful comrade accompanied her, sanctioned by the matronly grace of Lisa’s mother, who, under the stipulation that Lisa would be chaperoned home by her friend’s maternal custodian, granted her consent. This evening marked only the third occasion when Lisa had ventured forth into the nocturnal realm, a privilege she had merited. Remarkably, her past forays had led her unfailingly to the basketball courts, a haven where she whiled away her time shooting hoops, engaging in jovial repartees with her companions, and indulging in camaraderie.

Around 8:45 p.m., Lisa and her confidant embarked upon a sojourn to a pizzeria situated adjacently to the basketball court, only to return within moments. The hour of 9 p.m. saw Lisa commencing her homeward journey, a loyal companion by her side for a fraction of the sojourn. Progressing along Throssell Street, the duo eventually executed a rightward turn onto Harvey Street, eventually arriving at a railroad crossing. With Lisa’s subsequent path leading back to the basketball courts, her companion paused at this juncture, a sentinel to her traverse across the railroad tracks onto Forrest Street.

The last documented sighting of Lisa occurred on Forrest Street, where she engaged in dialogue with an individual who had materialized beside a resplendent yellow panel van.

The motorist of the aforementioned vehicle remains reticent, evading all overtures, notwithstanding the exhaustive inquiries undertaken by law enforcement, the assiduous efforts of her family, and the comprehensive blanket of media coverage. This enigma, persisting to this day, shrouds Lisa’s fate in ambiguity.

Renowned for her introspective demeanor, benevolent disposition, and perennially radiant countenance, Lisa Mott elicits fond reminiscences. Marion Powell, the matriarch of Lisa, reminisced, “She was my steadfast companion, and we harmonized splendidly; the candor of children fostering an innate bond. Peaks and valleys punctuated her existence; she wielded the clarinet with dexterity, her demeanor suffused with contentment.”

Lisa Mott’s vanishing kindles an array of conjectures, chief among them being the narrative that entwines with the notoriety of the criminal pair, David and Catherine Birnie. These felons met their just deserts with a life sentence in 1987, their hands stained with the abduction and slaying of four young women. It is whispered that David Birnie once traversed the Collie precinct, his possession of a vehicle akin to the one Lisa operated during her ephemeral sojourn forming the basis of conjecture. A vociferous denial of any complicity in Lisa’s disappearance emanated from the lips of the Birnies in 1986. In a macabre twist, 2005 bore witness to David Birnie’s self-inflicted demise within the confines of his cell.

The span of forty years and four decades has elapsed since Lisa’s abrupt vanishing, her age frozen at twelve, forever ensconced in her cherubic countenance, slight of build, crowned by light brown tresses, and adorned with hazel orbs that stood at 152cm (5 feet) when she was spirited away. She was last adorned in a light azure tunic, complemented by towelling shorts in a dusky hue adorned with an alabaster trim along their hem, and ensconced within her feet, a pair of striped sneakers exhibiting hues of tawny and fawn, shielded by pristine socks of ivory.

In pursuit of resolution, the Western Australian Government extends an enticing sum of $1,000,000 to the bearer of information that culminates in the apprehension and conviction of the perpetrator, or perpetrators, culpable for Lisa’s untimely demise. Moreover, the enticement of absolution from prosecution, or the prospect of clemency, is proffered to any informant, provided they remain untouched by direct responsibility for the demise of Lisa Mott, provided their contribution leads to a resolute judicial reckoning.

Should you, dear reader, possess any insights pertaining to the enigma that shrouds the disappearance of Lisa Marie Mott, do not hesitate to summon the guardians of justice by dialing Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000. A veil of anonymity may envelop you should you desire, and it is imperative to acknowledge that recompense awaits the righteous informant.

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