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The Disappearance of Bradford Pholi | My Mom did not Kill my Brother

At the tender age of merely 10, Bradford Pholi mysteriously vanished, leaving behind an enigma that has confounded investigators for decades. On that fateful Boxing Day in 1982, he embarked on a journey from his Dundas residence to the Eastwood Train Station, with the intention of visiting his aunt’s abode in Newtown. However, Bradford never arrived at his intended destination, plunging his family and the local community into a state of perpetual anguish and uncertainty.

The Disappearance:

Bradford Pholi, a young boy of only 10 years old, failed to return to his Sydney suburban home in Dundas on Boxing Day, 1982. Despite the passage of time, the haunting memory of his absence lingers. His distraught mother, Lorna Pholi, waited for 24 agonizing hours before reporting his disappearance to the authorities, hope diminishing with each passing moment. Friends and neighbors, with their firsthand knowledge of Lorna’s history of mistreatment towards her children, provided testimonies that piqued the curiosity of the investigating officers.

Inquest and Suspicions:

Within the solemn confines of the Westmead Coroner’s Court, an inquest was held to shed light on the perplexing circumstances surrounding Bradford’s vanishing. The lead investigator, bearing the weight of responsibility, declared that the police harbored suspicions of foul play. Lorna Pholi, had she still been alive, would have found herself under scrutiny as a person of interest. However, fate intervened, and Lorna passed away in 1986, taking her secrets to the grave.

A Mother’s Love and Doubts:

Throughout the inquest, Bradford’s siblings, Anita Pholi and Bernie Pholi, took to the witness stand, painting a portrait of a troubled family dynamic. Despite acknowledging their mother’s tendency to physically lash out at them, they vehemently defended her innocence regarding Bradford’s fate. Anita, her voice trembling with raw emotion, tearfully professed her conviction, stating, “My mother did not bring about the demise of my beloved brother.” She asserted that her mother cherished Bradford, treating him as the golden child, a fact that had been sorely misunderstood.

The Fateful Day:

Anita provided a harrowing account of the events leading up to Bradford’s disappearance. On that ill-fated day, Lorna Pholi implored Bradford and his older brother, Bernie, to pay a visit to their aunt in Newtown. Lorna harbored the intention of seeking financial assistance from her sister, an endeavor to sustain her smoking habit. Although Bernie resisted, it was Bradford who decided to embark on the journey alone. Little did they know that this would be the last time they would see their beloved sibling.

The Lingering Regret:

Bernie, burdened by remorse, expressed his profound regret for not accompanying his younger brother on that ominous day. He candidly admitted that not a single day passes without him questioning his selfishness, for all he desired was to revel in the joy of his Christmas toys. While he acknowledged his mother’s excessive smoking as a contributing factor, he also held himself accountable for not vigilantly pursuing Bradford, forever tormented by the “what-ifs” that haunt his conscience.

Unresolved Questions and Person of Interest:

Neither Anita nor Bernie reported any sightings of suspicious individuals near their home on the day Bradford vanished. However, the reappearance of their mother’s ex-husband mere months before the incident raised eyebrows.

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