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Texas Wife killed after husband flips off Erratic Driving

Wife Fatally Shot in Alleged Road Rage Incident After Husband Made an Obscene Gesture Towards Another Driver.

In a tragic incident of road rage that occurred in Texas on Monday, a 37-year-old woman lost her life, leaving her husband and mother devastated. The grieving widower and mother recently shared their emotional journey with PEOPLE magazine.

According to an official statement released by the Hurst Police Department, the incident unfolded on East Loop 820 in Hurst, Texas, involving a husband, his wife, both traveling in a minivan, and another vehicle. Zane Jones, the husband, came forward to identify himself, while his late wife was named Paola Nuñez Linares.

“The husband of the female victim was present at the scene and recounted that they were driving their vehicle,” the statement revealed. It further stated, “An occupant from the other vehicle unleashed multiple gunshots, tragically hitting the woman.”

Following the incident, Linares was immediately rushed to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, but sadly, she succumbed to her injuries shortly after 2 a.m., as reported by NBC5.

In an interview with the outlet, Jones alleged, “As I was overtaking that car, another vehicle aggressively approached from behind, speeding at approximately 90 mph, tailgating me relentlessly.”

“In the heat of the moment, I displayed an offensive hand gesture,” Jones added, accusing the driver of the other vehicle of retaliating by “slowing down briefly and firing a gunshot through the rear left window, hitting the back of her head. At that instant, I was unaware that she had been struck. Assuming she had merely ducked, I did the same, urging her to stay down while shouting, ‘Get out! Take cover! I’m pulling over!'” Jones continued, recounting the horrific ordeal. “Then the assailant fired once more, and the bullet pierced through my headrest and the windshield.”

According to the authorities, the suspect’s vehicle is an older model car, small in size, and of a dark color.

Jones poured his heart out to PEOPLE, stating, “My wife was the most remarkably astonishing person I’ve ever encountered.”

“Our paths crossed on a Switchfoot fanpage, a band we both adore,” he revealed. “She responded to a post of mine on Messenger, and that sparked an instant connection. It quickly evolved into a profound friendship, one unlike any I had experienced before.”

“She possessed an intriguing allure,” he continued. “She was a skilled photographer, a trained chef, and even dabbled in the art of tarot card reading. She excelled at everything she put her mind to. Getting to know her was an unparalleled experience.”

“I was insatiable in my desire to unravel her mysteries,” he added. “Our connection was pure and spontaneous, devoid of artifice.”

Linares, originally from Guatemala, had never envisioned a life in the United States, as Jones disclosed. “She must have told me a hundred times that she had never planned on settling in Texas.”

However, as their relationship blossomed, Linares visited Jones on several occasions before he reciprocated by journeying to Guatemala for ten days to immerse himself in her family, culture, and country.

“Our relationship defied reason and proved to be the most fulfilling adventure of my life,” he emphasized. “After all, who does that? Who takes such a leap of faith?”

During his visit, Jones sought permission from Linares’ mother, Ana, to propose, which she granted wholeheartedly, bestowing her blessings upon the couple.

In December 2021, Jones proposed to Linares, reminiscing, “I presented her with a ring, and to my astonishment, she pulled out a ring from her pocket, as she had intended to propose to me as well.”

The couple tied the knot in January 2022. Linares eventually joined Jones at Kelly-Moore Paints, working as a manufacturing training coordinator.

“She lost her life senselessly. It’s difficult not to blame myself for engaging with someone who jeopardized our safety twice,” Jones expressed, referring to the suspect as “an ordinary individual who, in the span of five seconds, nearly collided with our vehicle twice.”

“I believe that bringing the perpetrator to justice hinges on media attention,” he continued. “All I can do now, for her sake, is spread awareness about the immense loss we have suffered.”

Ana, who traveled from Guatemala to support Jones after the tragedy, described her daughter as a “free spirit” who was “incredibly compassionate and caring towards others.”

“She endured great hardship after her father’s passing,” Ana disclosed, emphasizing that her daughter found solace and happiness in marrying Jones. “That was the period when I witnessed her genuine happiness. She cherished her life here and worked tirelessly.”

Ana revealed that she spoke to her daughter “every single day” and shared an exceptionally close bond with her.

Just two hours before the shooting, they discussed Linares’ upcoming visit to see Ana.

“Wherever she went, she emanated a radiant light,” Ana continued. “She was like a little angel, my precious daughter.”

According to a report by the advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety, incidents involving firearms in road rage situations have nearly doubled between 2018 and 2022.

To assist with funeral expenses for Linares and facilitate the travel arrangements for her family from Guatemala, a GoFundMe page has been established.

Anyone with information pertaining to the incident is urged to contact the Hurst Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477, or visit 469tips.com.

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