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Texas Teen Allegedly Killed Parents and Two Siblings

Cesar Olalde, an 18-year-old, stands accused of committing capital murder by taking the lives of several individuals. The victims include his parents, sister, and brother. Reports from various news sources indicate that this Texas teenager was arrested on murder charges after authorities uncovered his belief that his family members were “cannibals” plotting to consume him.

Cesar Olalde, 18, faces charges of capital murder in connection with the shooting deaths of his parents, Reuben Olalde and Aida Garcia, his sister Lisbet Olalde, and his brother Oliver Olalde, as reported by NBC News, KSLA, and Fox 23.

On May 23, Olalde was apprehended following a confrontation in Nash, a small town near the Arkansas state line. Local police responded to a report regarding a man who had harmed his family and was threatening self-harm, according to NBC News. Upon their arrival, officers found Olalde barricaded inside a residence and were informed of multiple casualties within the premises, as stated in a press release.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by NBC News, Olalde later contacted the police, admitting that he had pulled the trigger and shot his family.

After negotiations, Olalde surrendered, allowing police to enter the residence where they discovered the lifeless bodies of four individuals, according to the press release.

“The victims were found in different areas of the house and were subsequently moved to the bathroom,” authorities stated in the affidavit, as reported by Fox 23. “Multiple spent cartridge casings” were recovered from the floor, and there were signs of “blood spatter on multiple surfaces.”

KSLA reports that Lisbet’s colleague visited the residence when she failed to appear for work that day. Receiving no response, he enlisted the assistance of a family member to gain access to the house, only to be confronted by Cesar Olalde, who allegedly pointed a firearm at him.

According to the affidavit, the co-worker informed the police that Olalde claimed to have killed his family because they were cannibals intending to devour him, as NBC News reported.

In order to assist with the funeral expenses, the loved ones of the victims have launched a GoFundMe page.

The fundraiser message reads, “In a tragic turn of events that surpass even the depths of my worst nightmares, my entire family – my hardworking father, my caring and loving mother, my vivacious and ambitious sister, and my amazing, funny, and joyful younger brother – met their untimely demise.”

Nash police disclosed that Olalde was incarcerated in the Bi-State Jail in Texarkana, Texas. His bail has been set at $10 million, as reported by KSLA, and it remains unclear whether he has entered a plea. According to the outlet, Olalde is being represented by public defender Jeff Harrelson. PEOPLE magazine was unable to immediately reach Harrelson for comment.

Authorities have stated that the investigation is ongoing, urging anyone with relevant information to contact the Nash, Texas Police Department at (903)-838-0822.

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