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Suspected Murderer of Revelle Balmain Disappeared from Sydney

Police are hopeful that an anonymous submission of a photograph could aid in resolving the mysterious vanishing of Revelle Balmain, a Sydney model, which occurred over 26 years ago. Today, the authorities released the photograph to the public, urging anyone with pertinent information to come forward.

Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Bell, the lead investigator of Strike Force Aramac, revealed that the image was submitted anonymously following the announcement of a $1 million reward for information earlier this year. While it is believed that the photograph was taken during the mid-2000s, there is reason to believe that the depicted individual possesses knowledge that could advance our investigation.

“We remain optimistic that someone within the community may be able to identify this gentleman, allowing us to engage in a conversation that explores all possible leads,” stated Mr. Bell. “As always, we encourage anyone in the public who may possess information regarding Revelle’s disappearance to step forward and collaborate with the authorities. By doing so, we can offer much-needed answers to her grieving family.”

Ms. Balmain was last sighted on November 5, 1994, in the Kingsford area of Sydney at the age of 22. The police discovered her personal belongings, including a cosmetics bag, keys, and a shoe, scattered near Ainslie Street. Prior to her disappearance, Ms. Balmain had informed her friends of her intention to embark on a six-week dance tour in Japan.

On November 5, 1994, after being dropped off by her agency’s chauffeur at a Kingsford address, she vanished from the public eye indefinitely. Earlier this year, Suellen Simpson, Ms. Balmain’s half-sister, candidly shared the anguish of losing her sibling. “For many years, our family tirelessly sought answers about my sister’s fate. Tragically, both our mother and Revelle’s father, Ivor, passed away without ever learning the truth about their beloved daughter,” expressed Ms. Simpson. “The loss of someone close forever changes you. I fervently hope that this reward will inspire someone to come forward with information that will assist the police in finding those responsible for Revelle’s disappearance. Personally, I hope this reward will also enable us to find Revelle, so that I can finally bid her a proper farewell.”

A 1999 inquest confirmed that Ms. Balmain was the victim of murder, leading to the case being referred to the unsolved homicide unit of the NSW Police. Last year, a formal review of the case was conducted.

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