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Stephen Michael Clare Accused of Killing his Daughter

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Stephen Michael Clare Accused of Killing his Daughter

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Clare once stood as the former consort of the 28-year-old Mariah Gardner, who fell victim to a gunshot wound by Stephen Michael Clare during the incident that occurred in April.

SAN ANTONIO — Stephen Michael Clare finds himself indicted by a grand jury of Bexar County for the grave charges of capital murder, attempted capital murder, and aggravated assault. These accusations stem from his alleged orchestration of a fatal episode of domestic violence on April 10, as delineated in court documents.

Subsequent to a judicial refusal of bail in May, Clare has been confined to incarceration. The allegations against him involve the act of fatally stabbing his 11-month-old daughter, the tender Willow Clare, within a vicinity situated northward, proximate to Alamo Heights. Per court records, the issuance of the indictment transpired on June 29.

Willow’s sibling, the 2-year-old Rosalie Clare, endured similar stab wounds but was eventually discharged from the medical facility more than a fortnight after the assault. Mariah Gardner, formerly espoused to Clare and now aged 28, encountered a gunshot wound, necessitating a brief hospitalization. In a statement, Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales asserted his commitment to achieving justice for the victims, prefacing this with the observation that it remains premature to ascertain whether the pursuit of the death penalty would be entertained.

Gonzales conveyed, “Within our internal mechanisms, the committee overseeing cases of capital offenses meticulously examines each instance of capital murder, thereby determining the viability of seeking the death penalty. Given the recent nature of this indictment, it remains premature to prognosticate the inclinations of our office in this regard.”

On August 9, Clare made an appearance in the court, during which his trial was rescheduled for October 10.”

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