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Sabita Thanwani | A Victim of Student Flat Murder

Student accommodation tragedy: Sabita Thanwani identified as the victim. Initially, the police sought information about Maher Maaroufe, but the Metropolitan Police later confirmed his arrest. In the heart of London, a young lady was tragically murdered at student flats. The authorities have named her as Sabita Thanwani.

The 19-year-old’s lifeless body was discovered with grave neck injuries at Arbour House, a residence for students located on Sebastian Street in Clerkenwell, last Saturday. The police were urgently searching for Maher Maaroufe, a 22-year-old Tunisian national with no fixed abode, who was known to be in a relationship with Ms. Thanwani.

Subsequently, Maaroufe was taken into custody by the authorities.

While formal identification of her body is pending, Scotland Yard informed “Sabita’s family and assured them of support from specialized officers.”

Despite the efforts of paramedics, she was pronounced dead at the scene on Saturday morning.

Reports indicate that she was studying at City, University of London and was a British citizen, as confirmed by the police. DCI Linda Bradley shared, “Maaroufe was in a relationship with Sabita, but he was not a student himself.”

The police appealed to anyone who had any connection with Maaroufe to contact them immediately. If spotted by the public, he was considered potentially dangerous, and they were advised to refrain from approaching him and to call 999 instead.

On Sunday morning, DCI Bradley added, “I am once again appealing directly to Maher Maaroufe to come forward and visit a police station without delay. Maher, if you see this, it is crucial that we have a conversation with you.”

Nineteen-year-old student Angelina Miats, residing on the second floor of Arbour House, expressed fear in the community following the tragic incident. She stated, “People are filled with fear due to what has happened, and I no longer feel secure.”

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