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Rosana Candido Beheaded Her Son While He Was Still Alive

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Rosana Candido

Rosana Candido Beheaded Her 11 Year Old Son While He Was Still Alive

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Rosana Candido and her accomplice decapitated her eleven-year-old son while he remained in a state of consciousness, preceding the act of dismembering and grilling his remains.

Two females, Rosana Candido and Kacyla Pessoa, have admitted to the heinous slaying of Rhuan da Silva Castro in Brazil.

Rosana Candido, aged 27, and Kacyla Pessoa, aged 28,

The young victim, who was in slumber within the domicile he shared with his maternal parent and Pessoa’s offspring, fell victim to an assault orchestrated by the aforementioned women. Candido repeatedly thrust a blade into the victim’s chest and ocular regions, totaling eleven times, while Pessoa physically restrained him. Subsequently, the women decapitated the young victim and disarticulated his corporeal form, a process which included the removal of his facial integument. Although they endeavored to incinerate the remains upon a grate, they ultimately opted to enshroud them within receptacles which they subsequently abandoned. The authorities were apprised of the situation after two juvenile males observed Candido discarding a suitcase containing the remains near a nursery. Their curiosity led them to unveil the head of the victim, still impaled by a knife.

Rhuan da Silva Castro,

The pair, identified as Rosana Candido and Jorge Pessoa, were taken into custody at their place of residence subsequent to confessing to law enforcement that Candido had terminated the life of her progeny, Rhaun, driven by antipathy and an absence of affection. Reportedly, Candido acknowledged engaging in systematic physical and psychological torment of the minor. According to the supervising law enforcement officer, Candido exhibited a vengeful disposition, likening herself to the deity of retribution in the ancient scriptures. The slaying was instigated by Candido’s aversion toward her son’s paternal kin. Notably, the couple had previously resided in Rio Branco, yet Rhaun’s father divulged that Candido had absconded with the child approximately five years prior. Pessoa’s daughter, presumably a witness to Rhaun’s demise, was also reported missing by other relatives during a similar timeframe.

Subsequently, she returned to Rio Branco to reunite with her father.

Candido and Pessoa have been sentenced to 65 and 64 years of imprisonment, respectively, for this atrocious act.

In the aftermath of the verdict, Rhaun’s father, Maycon Douglas Lima de Castro, conveyed to local media: “Though insufficient, it at least ensures their perpetual confinement.

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