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Robert Bee Jr: Life Is Not Good

Robert Bee Jr (“Bonzai”) A 13 year old boy who was chronically neglected by his addict mother, missing for months then found (skeletal remains, scattered) in a place that had been widely searched already. I highly recommend checking out a brilliant (imo) series on the Ashes to Ashes channel on YouTube. Fair warning, you will be outraged at how that poor boy was failed.

David Gipson Smith A recovering heroin addict abandoned by a new friend on some land belonging to one of their family members, discovered by hikers a few months later. A cause of death wasn’t able to be determined. The weekend David went to stay with this new friend went drastically different to what he’d expected/ intended and apparently forced him into staying on this acquaintance’s relative’s land without food and water (and permission; apparently the family member wouldn’t have been happy about him staying there and David should avoid him). There seems to be a lot of collusion and a lot of assumptions in this case. Police obviously thought of David as just another addict who most likely overdosed and doesn’t require looking into. Unfortunately for David’s poor family, his brother ended up taking his own life soon afterwards.

Brandon Embry Where do I even start? Was he a man who was poisoned and violently murdered by a girlfriend who has an extremely frightening history? Or was he living a double life where he was a successful ex-navy nuclear machinist who took meth and beat himself to death? (If you want a really in depth look into Brandon’s case, his mum runs a Facebook page called Brandon’s voice)

So those are the three that I believe should have received extensive coverage – especially Bonzai. In the case of David and Brandon, it could be that misadventure and/ or simply accidents have happened, but I believe they’re just strange enough to warrant more attention. What are the cases you believe are similar?

If I’m wrong about the lack of coverage in these three particular cases, I do apologise. It could be that I’ve missed it as I’m from the U.K.. Obviously there are cases I feel similarly about over here too; those are just three that have been lingering on my mind. I’m interested to see which cases you suggest.

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