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Rashad Maleek Trice Allegedly Kill Two Year Old Daughter

Shocking revelations surface regarding the purported homicide of a two-year-old girl by a Michigan man, involving his former partner. Recently disclosed court documents unveil shocking details surrounding the alleged abduction and brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter by a man from Michigan. On Friday, Rashad Maleek Trice, 26, was charged by the U.S. Department of Justice in the Western District of Michigan with kidnapping a minor and kidnapping resulting in death. According to investigators, Trice is accused of stabbing and sexually assaulting Wynter Cole-Smith’s mother before abducting the toddler from her residence in Lansing.

Reportedly, Trice absconded with a Chevrolet Impala belonging to the child’s maternal grandmother and embarked on a 90-mile journey to St. Claire Shores, a city in the Detroit area. Although an officer attempted to apprehend Trice, he fled and subsequently collided with another police vehicle.

Upon reaching the crash site, Trice and Wynter were not found. However, a considerable amount of blood consistent with Trice’s injuries was discovered in the vehicle, as the mother had claimed to have stabbed him in self-defense.

During the investigation, fragments of a pink cell phone charging cord were recovered from the car.

A gruesome discovery near the airport ensued. Tracing Trice’s driving route via his cell phone, authorities searched an area near the Coleman A. Young International Airport in Detroit on Wednesday. Shortly before 7 pm, the police found Wynter’s lifeless body in a nearby alley.

The official cause of Wynter’s death is still under investigation by the medical examiner.

“The cause of [Wynter’s] demise appeared to be strangulation with a pink cell phone charging cord, which was retrieved alongside the body,” stated the police. “The pink cell phone charging cord matched the pink cord components recovered from the Chevrolet Impala.”

When interviewed at the hospital, Trice denied taking Wynter, according to the records. He claimed that he had last seen the child with her mother.

Trice purportedly confessed to investigators that he and Wynter’s mother had engaged in a violent altercation over money on June 2. Both parties allegedly stabbed each other during the altercation, as indicated in the records.

“I am already a monster” “Trice also acknowledged his awareness of the Amber Alert,” as per the records. “He expressed sentiments to the effect of ‘I am already a monster.’ Trice also revealed his desire to end his own life. As part of a ruse during the interview, the FBI Agent informed Trice that video surveillance depicted him and [Wynter] together in the vehicle. Trice stated that if law enforcement showed him the video footage, he would be compelled to admit his involvement.”

Text messages presented as evidence show Trice’s uncle pleading with him via text at 3:06 a.m., less than half an hour after authorities issued an Amber Alert to locate Wynter and the suspect. “I love you, man, please,” the uncle texted Trice. “Come to me, Ray. It’s not your fault; the girl is the devil.”

Trice allegedly responded, saying, “I love y’all, but I have to put an end to this situation, man.”

Federal records indicate that authorities stated, “There is sufficient evidence to believe that [Wynter] was murdered by Trice and left in the alley, where her body was found.”

The defendant is facing charges in Macomb County, Michigan, for fleeing and evading, attempting to disarm an officer, receiving and concealing a motor vehicle, assault with a dangerous weapon, resisting and obstructing causing injury, and three counts of resisting and obstructing a police officer.

“A heart-wrenching turn” “Regrettably, this case has taken a heart-wrenching turn as we must now confront the devastating reality that this precious young girl, brimming with limitless potential, was ruthlessly taken from us,” expressed Macomb County Prosecutor Peter J. Lucido. “The alleged acts that transpired in our neighboring county are abhorrent.”

Trice was arraigned on Wednesday in Ingham County, facing charges of assault with intent to murder, two counts of criminal sexual conduct, home invasion, unlawful imprisonment, aggravated domestic violence (second offense), unlawful driving away of an automobile, and felonious assault.

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