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Queens Man Dump Brother’s Body in Garbage Bag – Hid Mom’s Corpse

After the discovery of a man’s remains concealed within a garbage bag, a tragic event unfolded as his mother was found deceased as well. Shockingly, his own brother has been charged with the act of disposing the brother’s body and concealing the mother’s corpse.

The lifeless bodies of Kyle Danielson and his mother, Sheryl Myrick, were unearthed within a mere 12-hour span. Police authorities have officially confirmed that the mother of the man, whose remains were discovered in a garbage bag on a street in Queens on Wednesday, was also found lifeless on the very same day.

According to reports from WNBC and CBS News, detectives uncovered the body of 31-year-old Kyle Danielson inside a garbage bag on Corona’s 104th Street. Approximately 12 hours later, his mother was discovered deceased within their residence.

Although the cause of death for Danielson and his mother has not yet been established, ABC 7 reports that Danielson’s body exhibited a puncture wound on his back.

“The odor was overwhelmingly potent,” shared a neighbor in an interview with ABC 7. “The body had been present here for a considerable period.”

The New York Police Department has informed WNBC that they suspect Kyle’s brother, Roscoe Danielson, aged 40, to be responsible for relocating Kyle’s body. “We have acquired search warrants based on video surveillance footage, which clearly shows him removing the deceased from the house,” revealed Joseph Kenny, the assistant chief at the Detective Bureau, during an interview with WNBC.

Roscoe has been taken into custody on multiple charges, including possession of a weapon, tampering with evidence, and concealing a corpse, as reported by WNBC. It remains uncertain whether Roscoe has entered a plea or retained legal representation to advocate on his behalf.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will conduct examinations to determine the cause of death in both cases. As of now, the investigation remains ongoing.

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