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Police Seeks Help to Solve Case of Deborah Silverman
Deborah Silverman

Police Seeks Help to Solve Case of Deborah Silverman

Police Seeks Help

Police seeks help when the remains of Deborah Silverman discovered after forty years. The remains found on an idyllic rural property NorthEast of Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Police reach out to the public, appealing for any information regarding her tragic murder.

In an official news release, the OPP disclosed that this 21 year old woman last sighted in the early hours of Saturday, August 12, 1978. After an evening spent with colleagues, Silverman embarked on her journey home. Her apartment was in a complex on Bathurst Street. Although her vehicle was found in the parking lot of the apartment building, Silverman herself went missing without any trace.

Approximately three months later, an unsuspecting passerby stumbled upon the lifeless body of the young woman on a pastoral farm. It was on Concession 2 in Brock Township, southeast of Sunderland, Ontario. Now it encompassed by Durham Region, as indicated by the OPP.


It marks the solemn commemoration of the 40th anniversary since the discovery of Silverman remains. Police promptly use this occasion as an opportunity to reinvigorate attention towards the unresolved case.

“The particular cases like this remain eternally open. We perpetually welcome new leads and information. Occasionally, as time passes, the influx of information dwindles. To stimulate fresh avenues of investigation, we undertake these commemorative initiatives”. Sergeant Jason Folz told CTVNews.ca.


The reward of worth $50,000 offered initially in June 2005, still stands. It is valid for any information that may lead to the apprehension and conviction of the responsible for Silverman’s tragic demise.

“The OPP holds steadfast confidence that individuals possess knowledge pertaining to the circumstances surrounding Deborah’s fate,” asserted Det. Inspector Scott Moore stated in a press release. He serves as a prominent case manager within the OPP criminal investigations branch.

“We implore anyone with even the minor piece of information to come forward. We hope to provide solace and closure to Deborah’s grief-stricken family and friends, who have endured this loss for far too long.”

Folz expressed that Silverman’s family still yearns for answers. It eagerly anticipates the revelation of the truth behind her fate.

“The ultimate truth is that someone out there holds the key to resolve this perplexing mystery. It is an extraordinarily protracted journey. We remain optimistic that an individual will come forward with vital information. And that it could potentially lead us to the perpetrator responsible for Deborah’s demise”, he concluded.

What happened to Deborah': Police ask for help to solve decades-old murder case

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