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Mark Redwine Killed His Son

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Mark Redwine Killed His Son

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Mark Redwine, in a harrowing and tragic tale, brought about the demise of his young son, a mere twelve years old, after the boy had chanced upon some indecorous photographs of his father. As per the terms of his custody agreement with his former wife, Mark had collected his thirteen-year-old son, Dylan, from the airport on a fateful day in November 2012. However, Dylan’s countenance bore no eagerness to reunite with his father, a sentiment that had grown over the weeks and months leading up to the visit.

Discontent had taken root within Dylan’s heart when he had stumbled upon distressing images of his father the previous year. And with the intention of addressing this issue head-on, the young boy had planned to confront his father during the visit.

Alas, the confrontation yielded devastating results. A maelstrom of fury engulfed Mark Redwine upon learning that Dylan had seen those damning images, driving him to commit an unspeakable act – the murder of his own flesh and blood. Months later, Dylan’s remains were found concealed in the nearby foothills, a chilling testament to Mark’s desperate attempts to hide the ignominy of his son’s accusation.

We shall now recount the unfolding events that led to this heart-rending tragedy.

Mark Allen Redwine, born on the 24th of August, 1961, resided in the rugged and picturesque landscapes of La Plata County, in the southwest region of Colorado, during the time of the sorrowful visit in 2012. Twice divorced, Mark was embroiled in a fierce battle for custody of his thirteen-year-old son, Dylan, born of his union with his former wife, Elaine.

Dylan’s relationship with his father had been steadily deteriorating, a decline that had commenced when both he and his brother Corey stumbled upon unsettling photographs on their father’s computer in 2011. These images depicted Mark Redwine wearing women’s undergarments and engaging in unseemly acts, further alienating the impressionable young minds.

As the distance between father and son widened, Dylan approached Corey with a request to share the offensive images via email before his impending November visit, as he intended to confront their father. Elaine Hall, Dylan’s mother, watched with concern as her son’s dissatisfaction with his father grew. Her attorney cautioned her that if Dylan did not fulfill the visitation agreement, she could face legal repercussions.

Unbeknownst to Dylan, his older brother Corey had already seen the scandalous photos before his younger sibling’s trip. In a heated exchange with their father, Corey unguardedly disclosed this knowledge, adding a provocative remark that stung Mark’s pride.

On the ill-fated day of November 18, 2012, Mark Redwine received his son at the Durango-La Plata County Airport. Surveillance footage revealed a distant and disconnected interaction between father and son. Initially, Dylan had arranged to spend the night with a friend, but Mark insisted they stay at his residence.

During the visit, Dylan communicated with his friend via text messages, but communication ceased on the night of November 18. The next morning, when Dylan’s friend inquired about his whereabouts, there was no response. Mark claimed that he left the house that morning and discovered his son missing upon his return. However, Elaine Hall had her suspicions about the veracity of Mark’s account, and a thorough search of the surrounding forested mountains ensued.

In the days following Dylan’s disappearance, one of Mark’s former wives disclosed a troubling conversation she had with him earlier, where he had unsettlingly mused about disposing of a body in the mountains. She recounted how, during their bitter divorce and custody battle, Mark had even threatened to harm the children before letting her have custody.

Tragically, partial remains belonging to Dylan were discovered on Middle Mountain Road on June 27, 2013, more than seven months after his vanishing, about eight miles from Mark’s residence and close to an ATV track. Witnesses had previously seen Mark in the vicinity in April 2013, driving alone. However, he left the area and made no attempts to search for Dylan until June 2013. Suspicion shrouded Mark’s behavior, and he exacerbated it by refusing to undergo a polygraph test.

In August 2013, investigators found evidence of Dylan’s blood and the scent of human remains in various areas of Mark’s living room. A dog’s keen senses further detected human remains near the washing machine and on the clothes Mark had allegedly worn on the night of November 18, 2012. Subsequently, a search of Mark’s car in February 2014 also revealed cadaver scent in multiple locations inside the vehicle.

Then, on November 1, 2015, hikers discovered Dylan Redwine’s skull further up Middle Mountain Road. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division confirmed the locations of Dylan’s remains, ruling out the possibility of animal involvement in transporting the body to such distances and terrains.

Following a grand jury indictment on July 17, 2017, Mark Redwine faced charges of second-degree murder and child abuse. The trial, plagued by delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finally commenced in 2021. Forensic evidence pointed to a fracture above Dylan’s left eye and markings on his skull likely caused by a knife at or near the time of death. A poignant testament to the tragic events that transpired in the lives of this family.

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