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Learn English Grammar – Verb

Verb and the Basics:

There are three (3) Helping Verbs

  1. Do Form
  2. Be Form
  3. Have Form
  1. Do” means, “do, does, did
  2. Be” means, “is, am, are, was, were, been, being”
  3. Have” means, “have, has, had”
Main Verbs:

There are five (5) main Verbs

  1. Base Form
  2. Base Form (with s,es)
  3. Present Participle
  4. Simple Past
  5. Past Participle
  1. Base Form: It is the Simple First Form of the Verb and it denotes to any action; which is performed by a living thing and human beings. the examples are; go, eat, play, write, etc.
  2. Base Form (with s, es): It is also the First Form of the Verb. It belongs to the Simple Form word category, with an addition of “s, es” at the end of the word, like; play+s = plays. Some other examples are; pays, eats, writes, goes, etc.
  3. Present Participle: It denotes to the First Form of the Verb + ing. Examples, playing, eating, going, writing, etc.
  4. Simple Past: It is the Second Form of the Verb which denotes an action in the near Past. Some examples of Simple Past are; went, wrote, came, etc.
  5. Past Participle: It is Third Form of the Verb and it refers to distant Past. The examples of the Third Form are; written, gone, done, etc.
Exemplary Sentences of Do

I do not go to school.

He does not play hockey.

He did not come to school.

Exemplary Sentences of Be

We are reading books

He is going to school.

I am eating mangoes.

I was driving a car.

They were coming to University.

We have been living in this house since 1992.

Exemplary Sentences of Have

She has finished her work.

They have gone to school.

They had done their work when I came at home.

So we have learnt the Base Form, Simple Verb, Present Participle and Past Participle.

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