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Kimberly Louiselle Found – Killed 39 Years Ago

A former resident of South Lyon desires resolution for her sister’s enigmatic homicide. Currently residing in Arizona, Cindy Arthurs took to social media approximately five years ago, disseminating messages in the hope of unraveling the mystery surrounding her sister’s demise.

Although Cindy and her sister once shared a room, recollections of their brief time together have gradually become hazy and faded over the years. Nonetheless, Arthurs persists in her sleuthing, online postings, and plans for a return visit to Michigan to commemorate the 40th anniversary of her sister’s tragic passing.

Arthurs intends to distribute flyers throughout metro Detroit, adorned with her sister’s name, Kimberly Louiselle, and the year of her untimely demise, 1982. The flyers will also include the names of other females who have gone missing or been murdered in the area.

“I’m envisioning an illustration of a hand clasping a key — symbolic of ‘Do you hold the key?'” Arthurs conveyed.

Growing increasingly impatient with the lack of progress by law enforcement, Arthurs remains dismayed that no charges have been filed. Kim, shortly after celebrating her 16th birthday, was discovered slain, strangled, and beaten in a field within the Island Lake Recreation Area in Livingston County.

Detective Lt. Erik Darling from the Michigan State Police stated, “Should any new information arise, it will be diligently pursued. Cases of this vintage present an array of unique challenges that further complicate an already intricate problem. People relocate, memories fade, evidence degrades, and so forth.”

“We certainly empathize with the family’s exasperation. These cases frustrate us as well. We are wholeheartedly committed to dedicating our time and resources to these cases, as long as there exists a reasonable and actionable lead. Unfortunately, in this particular case, such a lead is currently nonexistent.”

Arthurs reminisces about horseback riding and babysitting with Kim, who aspired to become a nurse. However, Kim, a determined individual, began skipping school when she became involved with an older boyfriend.

“Until then, she excelled academically,” Arthurs revealed. “She had numerous friends. She was not one to engage in revelry. She had an affinity for horses, loved dancing, and cherished spending time at the beach.”

Nearly a month after leaving home on March 18, 1982, to be with her boyfriend, whose family was relocating from Redford Township to Detroit, Kim’s lifeless body was discovered. It is known that Kim stayed with her boyfriend’s family until March 21 when one of the boyfriend’s relatives contacted Kim’s residence, assuring her return home shortly.

Apparently, the boyfriend’s brother drove her to the intersection of Eight Mile and Merriman roads, and from there, Kim was last seen walking west toward South Lyon on Eight Mile Road.

The police have speculated that she was likely picked up by a passing motorist. Arthurs has learned that her sister attempted to contact at least four people that day, seeking a ride home. Arthurs hauntingly suggests that there may have been others involved.

“My parents were extremely distressed because the authorities didn’t seem to be actively searching for her,” Arthurs recalled. “Their response was simply, ‘She’ll show up.’ My parents persisted in trying to convince them that she wasn’t a runaway. It was a challenging and highly stressful three weeks for our family.”

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