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George Bone Allegedly Killed Ma – Lived with Body for 2 Month

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George Bone Killed Ma

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Police apprehended a 31-year-old George Bone this week, purportedly responsible for the demise of his female housemate, whose lifeless body he concealed within a closet for a duration of two months.

As per an official statement from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, on Wednesday, July 26, around 2:27 p.m., law enforcement responded to a residence in the 5300 block of Railroad River Avenue regarding a potential deceased woman. A family member dialed 911 to convey that George Bone had informed her about Beverly Ma’s confinement within the closet for the past two months, as reported by KLAS-TV.

The police purportedly discovered Ma’s lifeless body and observed that she “seemed to have passed away quite some time ago.”

Ma and Bone allegedly encountered each other during high school, forging a friendship that eventually led them to cohabit last year.

According to KLAS, a witness recounted that she noticed a remarkably high air conditioning bill, prompting her to enter the home on Wednesday, July 26, where Bone revealed the unfortunate truth to her.

The police informed KLAS that the witness “observed a cooler positioned against the bedroom closet door, with a towel covering the gap.” Reportedly, Bone encouraged her to open it and bear witness.

During a police interrogation, Bone supposedly divulged that Ma had passed away in May. On May 4, as reported by KLAS, Ma made a 911 call, reporting an altercation between a man and a woman. However, when officers arrived and knocked on the door, no one responded. Investigators allegedly believe that Bone strangled her on that very day, though the Clark County Coroner’s Office will verify Ma’s cause and manner of death.

According to KLAS, following Ma’s demise, Bone made several purchases using the victim’s Amazon account.

When questioned by the police about his failure to seek assistance, Bone reportedly expressed his fear of returning to jail due to his association with a deceased body.

KLAS reports that Bone informed the police about his act of placing a cooler next to the closet, speculating that Beverly might come back to life akin to the narrative depicted in the movie ‘The Grudge.’

Consequently, the police arrested Bone and confined him to the Clark County Detention Center on charges of open murder and failure to register as a sex offender.

In 2012, KLAS reported that a student came forward, alleging that Bone had engaged in inappropriate conduct when she was just 11 years old, during the time they cohabited. Subsequently, the Henderson police arrested him on charges of sexual assault and lewdness, in connection with the aforementioned allegations.

The subsequent year, Bone entered into a plea agreement, admitting to a charge of attempted lewdness involving a child under the age of 14.

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