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Buddha Archaeological Sites in Swat

History: The arrival of Buddhism in Pakistani soil, introduced Buddha to the people of the area. It was a unique phenomenon in itself and it happened some 2,300 years ago. It brought revolutionary changes in the region which consisted of modern day territory of Pakistan and India. Mauryan King “Asoka” (literarily the greatest of all the Emperors) was the mentor …

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Eco-Tourism: Since tourism becomes an emerging industry in the world therefore it turns out to be a big source of income. It seems like the Eco-tourism grows parallel to the monetary benefits. Eco-Tourism is booming and flourishing business nowadays even in Pakistan. This is a good omen for accelerating the economic growth. However the uncontrollable population growth causes many a …

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Quaid-E-Azam Residency

Quaid-e-Azam Residency: Quaid-e-Azam Residency stands aloft and glorifyingly with all its significant splendeur. Its beauty reflects from its lush green lawns, Chinar trees and flowery-fragrant surroundings of the Ziarat valley of Balochistan. It is an historical place because of the stay of founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah during the last days of his life in the illness. Al …

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neelum valley

Valley of Neelum: Valley of Neelum is a land of forests, rivers, fountains, springs, waterfalls, high-lands, snowy mountain peaks, wildlife treasures, hidden assets of precious gemstones, minerals and rare species of plants. Nature bestows upon its best of attributes to the mesmerizing Neelum valley. Neelum valley, the Paradise on the Earth is in the North and North-Eastern side of Muzaffarabad, …

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jeep rally

Cholistan Desert Rally Track: The Jeep Rally of Cholistan is a very popular rally among the off-roading lovers and organized by the TDCP, Pakistan. Cholistan Desert, also called the Rohi Desert, spreads over 26,300 square kilometres. Moreover it is in Bahawalpur Region of the Punjab province of Pakistan. It firstly introduced in 2005, by the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab …

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Beautiful Waterfalls Of Azad Kashmir

Waterfalls of Azad Kashmir

Waterfalls of Azad Kashmir: Azad Kashmir is a beautiful valley. It is always referred as heaven on the Earth. Its marvellous landscape and scenery is so eye catching and charismatic that everyone feels spellbound. The lush green meadows, snowy high mountains, entwined springs, majestic Jhelum and meandering Neelum rivers, thickly forest areas with treasures of rare wild animal species, musical …

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Hydroelectric Potential in AJK and GB

Potential of Hydro Electricity

Hydroelectric Potential in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-BaltistanHydroelectric Potential The Hydroelectric potential in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan is immense yet need to be utilised accuratly. Let’s explore some of the projects in this article. NoNamePlaceCapacity⁰¹Ahmadabad-I+IISost1.00 MW⁰²Ashkot Power ProjectNeelum Valley700 MW⁰³Ashuran Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan0.4 MW⁰⁴Athmuqam Power ProjectNeelum Valley350 MW⁰⁵Astore Power ProjectGilgit-Baltistan3.11 MW⁰⁶Azad Pattan Power ProjectSudhnoti/Palandri650 MW⁰⁷Balagond Power ProjectGahkuch, Gilgit-Baltistan 1.5 MW⁰⁸Basho Power ProjectSkardu28 …

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Handicrafts of Kashmir Valley


Handicrafts of Kashmir Kashmir valley is rich, not only in cultural and ethnic diversity but also in the myriad art and crafts, which nurtured through the centuries. By the passage of time, the Art gets more and more diversification. These days Kashmir is quite popular for its textiles, like Pashmina Shawls, embroidered outfits, silk sari, papier mache, wood-carving, hand woven …

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Pishin Valley Balochistan


Introduction: Pishin is a beautiful and fertile city. It is connected via Quetta, Balochistan. This was once the part of Pashtun belt. It remains the largest district comprising of Pashtun tribes. Pishin locates in the North-West of Balochistan. The Afghanistan border is in the East the valley. Climate: Summer temperatures of the area, reach up to 40 °C (104 °F). …

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Ten Best Places in Pakistan

Ten Best Places in Pakistan

  Ten Best Places in Pakistan: Pakistan is blessed with so many world famed places by the nature. Be it the Northern Areas or Kashmir Region. Its tourist places are famous all around the world because of sky-high Mountains, lush green Valleys, mighty Rivers, beautiful Lakes and rare wildlife treasured-forests. The Paradise on Earth Neelum Valley, mini Switzerland, Swat Valley …

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