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Bodies of Missing Mother/Daughter Found – Boyfriend Jailed

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Bodies of Missing Mother/Daughter Found

Bodies of Missing Mother/Daughter Found - Boyfriend Jailed

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Authorities have reported that the remains of mother and daughter from Vancouver discovered within a rural expanse close to Washougal on the midweek, as confirmed by the Vancouver Police Department.

ADVERTISEMENT Meshay Melendez, a woman of twenty-seven winters, alongside her daughter Layla Stewart, a mere seven years of age, were last spotted on the Sunday of March 12th.

Grounded upon the identification of distinctive genetic imprints, the bodies in question are surmised to be those of Melendez and Stewart.

The task of ascertaining their identities and the authoritative elucidation of their demise will rest upon the medical examiner.

Around the hour of 9:40 in the morning, an individual strolling with their canine companion discerned a sight ensconced within dense undergrowth, situated near the juncture of Southeast Sunset View Road and Wooding Road. The ensuing exploration conducted by deputies brought to light the lifeless forms of the aforementioned individuals.

“It is denoted as a primitive thoroughfare, akin to a solitary path, which explains our presence here as opposed to further afield,” articulated Sergeant Chris Skidmore, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, whilst situated in the vicinity of the premises affiliated with the Washougal School District, at a distance of less than one mile from the location of the grim discovery. “There exist only a few privately owned divergent routes leading up yonder, hence the significant distance. Upon progressing from the thoroughfare, it descends into a minor ravine, and therein lies the vicinity where the discovery was made.”

Currently, a unit from the Washington State Patrol Crime Scene Investigation is engaged in processing evidential matter in Washougal. It has been communicated by the authorities that Meshay Melendez’s erstwhile paramour, Kirkland Warren, is being regarded as a person of concern in this ongoing inquiry.

On the 2nd of March, Warren was indicted for his involvement in a drive-by shooting, allegations of firearm-related assault, the commission of felony harassment, and the illegal possession of a purloined firearm.

It is reported that he discharged said firearm in the direction of Melendez’s dwelling. Recent court documents divulge that Warren was subjected to a directive stipulating no contact with Melendez, a command that he purportedly transgressed within a span of scarcely two hours. This transgression materialized through a telephonic conversation initiated by Warren from his place of confinement.

Consequently, he was granted release upon posting bail on the 8th of March.

Subsequently, on the Sunday of March 19th, Warren was apprehended anew on allegations of unlawful possession of a firearm, the breach of a restraining order, and interference with a witness.

The ultimate individual deemed to have sighted Melendez and Stewart is an acquaintance who, as per police reports, dialed emergency services on the morning of March 12th after espying Melendez in a state of unresponsiveness and partly adorned in the passenger compartment of Warren’s automobile.

Whereupon, Warren collected young Stewart, all of seven years, from the abode of the same aforementioned acquaintance, and absconded with both mother and daughter.

The automobile owned by the mother Melendez was rediscovered proximate to her abode, a span of seven days subsequent.

It is posited by the authorities that Warren was in possession of Melendez’s communication device at the time of his apprehension on Tuesday.

Warren currently remains confined within the precincts of the Clark County Jail, constrained by a bond amounting to one million dollars.

Moreover, he currently faces charges concerning a homicide transpiring in Jefferson County, Arkansas, during the year 2017. The termination of Warren’s bond was ordered by a magistrate in said jurisdiction on the Friday past.

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