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An Unsolved Tragic Murder Case Of Bernadette Liston

In the year 2002, Bernadette Liston, a woman of 46 years, resided in Victor Harbor alongside her companion of the same gender, Francis “Frankie” Marshall. With them dwelled her 12-year-old daughter, Jennifer, and her 4-year-old half-sister, Rebekah.

Daryl Purcell, the brother of Frankie, shared a child named “Rebekah” with Bernadette. The intention was for Frankie and Bernadette to proceed as a united pair.

Upon the afternoon of Friday, October 25, 2002, around 3:30 p.m., the 12-year-old daughter of Bernadette returned home from her studies and discovered her lifeless mother within their residence on Ives Crescent in the vicinity of Victor Harbor.

On six occasions, Ms. Liston had encountered blows, stabs, and gunshots. The assault had been so severe that a blade remained lodged in her cranium. No indications were present of a forcible entry into the residence. Her mobile device and linens for bathing were among the possessions that had vanished.

Liston had awareness of her assailant’s identity.

Liston Frankie, Ms. Liston’s partner, and Rebekah, their 4-year-old offspring, had seen her in a lively state prior to their departure from their Victor Harbor abode at 9:30 a.m. on the morning of October 25. Authorities surmise that Ms. Liston met her demise on that very morning. It is speculated by the police that Ms. Liston might have been acquainted with the person responsible for her demise.

In a statement, Jennifer, Bernadette’s 12-year-old daughter, asserts her intentions to sever ties with Frankie in favor of living with Rebekah’s biological father, Mr. Purcell. She and her daughter were making preparations to relocate to his domicile.

Christine, Bernadette’s sister, conveyed that Frankie displayed cruelty and maintained a concealed firearm within the household.

Apprehended in the Liston Case Bernadette Liston In the month of August in the year 2008, Francis “Frankie” Marshall was apprehended for the killing of Ms. Liston but was subsequently absolved of guilt within the chambers of the Supreme Court.

Efforts are ongoing by the authorities to uncover the identity of the likely perpetrator, yet the case remains unresolved. Victor Harbor stands as a modest township, and the police are hopeful that someone among the populace possesses information or may have overheard rumors throughout the years that could contribute to their investigation.

We implore you to contact Crime Stoppers, regardless of the magnitude of the data you possess, at 1800 333 000.

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