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Pishin Valley is about 50 kilometers away from Quetta, located in the North-West of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is famous for its vast fruit orchards and rich history. The valley is blessed with the fertile land and various types of crops, fruits and vegetables are grown there. Pishin Valley is a hub of horticulture and agriculture in Balochistan, Pakistan.

The name “Pishin” originated to a son of the Emperor Afrasiab. The history of Pishin is little known until the 13th century A.D. It was found out only in 1221 A.D that Kandahar (now a Province in Afghanistan) and it ruling areas are captured by the Mughals. Kandahar Province was ruled by Mirza Kamran (the brother of Humayun) from 1530 and after his death in 1556, Kandahar was taken over by a Safavid king of Persia. The area remained under Persian rule until 1595, when Mughals recaptured it again. In 1622 Kandahar was again under control of Safavid Dynasty through Shah Abbas, who was adorned the title of Sher Khan.

At the end of the 17th century, Brahvi Tribe took charge of both Quetta and Pishin and Mir Ahmed reigned over the area from 1666 to 1696. Mir Wais took over Kandhar in 1709 and this was the time when the history of Pishin-Brahvi was accomplished. In 1725 Pishin has been annexed by Mir Abdullah but in 1733 Shah Hussain Ghilzai intruded into Pishin and dethroned Brahavi Tribe and made it a garrison. While moving ahead, he crossed the Ghaza Bund and took the control of Quetta also.

Quetta, as well as Pishin, was handed over to the British government in April 1883, as a single administrative unit. In 1975 Pishin was separated from Quetta and given the status of a District.

The Pishin Valley is a place of festivity, colorful harvesting programs and other cultural events. Folk-dance, songs and cultural shows are part and parcel of the Carnival. In spring, blooming flowers and refurbishing of trees gives a splash of colours to the Pishin Valley. Nomads travel across the valley in the autumns and in the spring with their herds of sheep and camels. They rear the cattle especially for business like sale, milk, meat, skin, wool and a lot of other things. It adds charm and beauty in the lives of Pishin Valley inhabitants.

Pishin Valley becomes one of the most sought after Tourist attractions in Balochistan. Bund Khushdil Khan is a 5 kilometres long and 2 kilometres of width, tank and is one of the wonderful sites. Its water source is rainfall and snow-fall and a favourite spot for duck-hunting. There is a spring called ‘Karez’ and it is constructed completely by hand. This manufactured spring is made for the irrigation to the terrene.

In Pishin Valley tourists can participate in horse-jumping, tricky horse-riding, tricky motorbike-riding and dare-devil motor-car-driving. There is an interesting and significant event of dog and hare race. It is held often in the harvesting festival.

Pishin Valley produces best quality of apples, grapes, plums, peaches and apricots, which are other parts of the country via Yaru Railway Station or Quetta Airport.

Apart from fruit, it is famous for its mutton dish known as “Rosh” specially made with fat of lamb, and Rotis (bread) are free of cost. Among the other delicacies are Sajji and Landhi (whole dried lamb).

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